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Ragi Coconut Dessert

Happy Gudhi Padwa to all. Today is Prosperity and Joys’s Birthday too.  Let’s wish our blog a very happy birthday.
On the occasion of double happiness, let me share the dessert that my hubby likes the most. This is a combination of Ragi, coconut and jaggery. It’s nutritious and delicious. Kids love this soft and tasty sweet. This recipe has its roots in Goa.


1.       1 cup finger millet (Ragi/Nachani)
2.       3/4th cup fresh grated coconut
3.       ½ to 3/4th cup jaggery
4.       3-4 cups water
5.       1/4th teaspoon salt
6.       2 teaspoon clarified butter
7.       1 teaspoon dry fruit powder /cardamom powder
8.       3-4 cashew nuts
9.       Sliced almonds 2-3
Servings: 3

1.   Wash ragi and soak it overnight in 1 and ½ cup of water.
2.    Next day, add ragi and coconut into a grinder, add ½ cup of warm water and grind it into a smooth paste

3.   Strain the paste from a big strainer into a pan

4.  Put the same ragi and coconut mixture into grinder, add cup of warm water and grind it again.
5.  Strain the mixture from strainer again
6.   Repeat the procedure one more time if needed
7.   You will get ragi coconut milk after this
8.   Add jaggery and salt into the milk and mix well till the jaggery gets dissolved completely.

9.   Apply ghee (clarified butter) on the reverse of a flat plate and keep it aside
10. In a thick bottom pan add 2 teaspoon ghee and put a pan on low flame.
11. Add broken cashew nuts into ghee and fry it for 15-20 seconds.

12. Now add ragi coconut milk into a pan, add cardamom powder and keep stirring the batter continuously. Make sure that no lumps are formed.

13. Keep stirring the milk around 10-12 minutes till it gets thicker.

14. Pork the spatula in the milk as it gets thickened. When the spatula stands still the milk it’s ready for next step.

15. Switch off the stove and spread thickened milk on the back of the plate that you prepared in step 9.

16. Spread it evenly with the help of the palm. Be careful as the mixture is hot. 

17. Garnish thickened milk with almond slices and refrigerate it for half an hour .

18. Later cut into square pieces and serve.

Preparation Tips:
1.       Adjust quantity of jaggery as per your like, you can also use sugar for sweetness, but jaggery gives a unique flavor to this dish so it’s recommended.


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