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Quick dry fruit laddus

Hello and welcome to my kitchen for this week’s recipe. Today will make quick and nutritious sweet. This is perfect dish for kid’s evening snack. It’s a healthier option for sweet lovers.


1.       Dates3/4th cup

2.       Oats 1 cup

3.       Cashew nuts and almonds1/4th cup

4.       Digestive biscuits 3/4th cup

5.       Choco powder 2 teaspoon

6.       Sugar 2 teaspoon

7.       Clarified Butter 2 teaspoon

8.       Condensed milk 3-4 teaspoons

9.       Pinch of salt

Quantity: This ingredients will make 14-15 lemon size laddus.


1.  Roast oats on a low flame for 3-4 minutes and let it cool down completely.

2.   On a low flame roast cashew nuts and almonds in a pan by adding ½ teaspoon of ghee for a minute and keep it aside.

3.   Now in a grinder add all the ingredients (biscuits, sugar, dates, oats, dry fruits, chocolate powder and salt) and grind them.

4.  Melt clarified butter (ghee), add it to mixture prepared in step 3 and mix well.

5.   Now make small laddus of the above mixture.

6.   You can 3-4 tablespoons of homemade condensed milk along with ghee as it tastes great.

7.   But if you want to store laddus for 2-3 weeks then choose ghee instead of condensed milk.

Preparation tips:

1.   Quantity of sugar may vary as per sweetness of dates

2.   You can add other dry fruits of your choice.

3.   I have used a lesser quantity of ghee which is just enough to bind the mixture, you can use more ghee if needed.


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