New Book: Astrology of Reincarnation

    This book is helpful to all who are curious about reincarnation. If you believe in 16 Samskaras and various deities in Sanatan Dharma then this book will strengthen your beliefs and if you don’t believe in any such things then it will offer you a new perspective. 

    This book answers questions like, is there any reincarnation? What is the difference between Atma and Jeeva? What happens to Atma after death? Is there anything like heaven? What is the use of death rituals in Sanatan Dharma? What is the predictable way to get a better life in the next birth? What can we do if someone is on a deathbed? How is the life after death? How does Karma affect the next birth? How to identify the impact of a previous life? How can we see the impact of previous birth in the horoscope? What do we carry in the next birth? How the birth of twins is decided? How are the horoscopes of twins in their past birth? Why some babies are born with birthmarks or birth defects? What is the meaning of birthmarks and birth defects? What do scriptures say about rebirth? What are the different types of Karma? How do the desires in this life affect the next birth? How would Jeeva choose the family for the next birth? What is the relevance of dreams? What is the use of Shraddha? What is the meaning of Shraddha? Who shall perform Shraddha? Can a pregnant woman join the death rituals? What is the size of Jeeva? Measure of time in Pitru Loka? What is the relation between cravings during pregnancy and the infant? Is there any association of past life with sexual orientation? This book not only answers these questions in theory but also references reincarnation cases. I have also shared some validations and proofs. While giving such validations I have presented a statistical study from the perspective of Jyotish. If you are excited about any such topics this book is certainly for you.

    You may get a copy of this book on Amazon (


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