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Contents of my next upcoming book: Vedic Math for 8th class

Mathematics is a tricky subject. Those who love, enjoy it much and those who don’t, feel it’s boring. I lost interest in mathematics while in 7th class. Based on whatever I remember, it was mainly due lack of understanding of negative numbers. By nature, I am kinaesthetic person and therefore I refuse to accept anything unless understood thoroughly. Generally just memorization doesn’t work for me and the same thing happened about multiplication of negative numbers. Our teacher presented them as rules and I refused to accept them at face value. One year later my cousin grandfather started living with us and he had great interest in teaching. Moreover, his concepts in mathematics were extremely clear and he could answer all my crazy questions. This retriggered my interest in mathematics. The whole journey was so joyful that I wish everyone get a grandfather like him who is at home to help with fundamental questions in studies. Later, when I was in 9th I was introduced to Vedic Ma