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Indian Concept of Time

        The word 'Kala' in Sanskrit language means time. It means the force which has the power to destroy all objects in the universe. It also signifies the past present and future. Hindus have peculiar division of time. The reckoning of time ranges from a 'Yuga' to 'Tatpara'. The Hindus consider 4 yugas viz. 1) Satya yuga 2) Treta yuga 3) Dwapar yuga 4) Kali yuga. The duration of kali yuga is said to be of 432000 years. The duration of Dwapar yuga, Treta yuga and Satya Yuga is twice, thrice and four times of Kali Yuga respectively. The Hindus considered the commencement of Kali Yuga in 3102 BC. Sixty year cycle         The Hindu’s have also considered the cycle of sixty lunar years for the purpose of reckoning time. This is usually used for predicting mundane events. Let us first understand the ‘Vedic time cycle’. There are sixty years in one cycle, which are again sub-divided into twelve parts called as 'Yugas' (Note that the term yuga used h

Branches Of Indian Astrology

For hundreds and thousands of years mankind is curious to know how future events will unfold! Man's efforts to know the outcome of the future has continued unabated from ancient times. Even today scientists are formulating methods for predicting floods, earthquakes, droughts etc. But perhaps astrology is the only science which is capable of doing long term forecast. So let us try to understand what is astrology? The basis of this science, the different branches of astrology, benefits of studying astrology and how to study it. ' Jyotish ' which means Astrology in sanskrit is one of the science developed by our ancestors. The Hindus gave so much importance to J yotish that they considered it as ' vedanga ' which means, 'limb of vedas'. In India, astrology was and is used so extensively that it ranges from electing 'good' time for journey, undertaking new assignments, construction of building, sowing seeds etc. to selecting bride or bridegroom

Are planetary combinations inherited like genes?

Horoscope refers to personality and personalities inherit genetic characters so one question that can come your mind is do horoscopes inherit planetary combination from parent’s horoscopes. I have seen this in many horoscopes. Even I have seen patterns in the horoscopes of people coming from a particular region of the country. This again relates to Nadi Astrology where Nadi predictions also tell the region of birth. In my analysis I found that usually people have major influence of either mother’s horoscope or father’s horoscope. Over the period of time you can judge it by just looking at the person. At least 6 to 7 planets have some relation to parent’s or grandparent’s horoscopes.   The relation is in 3 ways as mentioned below: Either same house or opposite house Either same sign or opposite sign 2-12 relationship of sighs and houses 2 nd house is a house of family and it is very interesting to see 2-12 relationship between planets in various houses as well as