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NLP: Quickly getting confidence back

Recently I met Maya. She was curious if I can help her with few long-standing challenges. Maya wanted to fix three things, lack of confidence, decision-making and self-esteem. Maya was an engineer by profession. She was working in a multinational and her career was average. She also mentioned that she has insomnia and she takes sleeping pill every day. Maya had few interesting behaviors. It was very difficult for her to say ‘No’ to her friends and relatives. She did not want to take any step in case there are unknowns. It was very difficult for her to make any decisions. It is interesting to see a person whose age is 35+ does not want to make any decisions. Many times behaviors and beliefs are influenced by childhood experiences. It is very important to free the person from such beliefs to be natural. While talking to her I realized that the roots of her behavior are in her childhood. Based on discussion with her, I decided to take her through time trajectory. It was interesting to know…

NLP: And she learnt walking again!

Have you ever seen a baby successfully walking for the first time? It is so much of fun! I have enjoyed it many times. Walking is a daily activity that we do not consider as a skill. When people grow old due to various reasons, they again may face challenges in walking and if they want to walk then it may be a new skill for them.         Recently an old woman of 67 years came to me. She had undergone a spine surgery after which she had challenges in walking. She met me 2 months after the surgery. Doctor has prescribed her physiotherapy for few days and later some daily exercises. Even after 2 months, she was using a walker or assistance. She was also worried if she will be ever able to walk independently. Once or twice, she fell down while walking and that reduced her confidence further.         One good thing about NLP, is the change is fast and persistent. When I thought how do we really walk even I started wondering and decided to model people of different age. I modeled four…

Goodness of Savskruth (Sanskrit)

Recently I started teaching English to my daughter and realized that it is so much difficult for kids to learn English. I am sure you might have faced this if you are an Indian and have made an attempt. First, most of the Indian languages are purely phonetic. What this means is, a particular letter sounds same everywhere or no two letters sound the same. For example, letter ‘k’ or ‘Ka’ is Ka has unique sound and no other letter sounds like Ka. Similarly, no two words sound the same like English. For example ‘here’ and ‘hear’. English also has two or more sounds for same letter. For example in ‘cat’ c is pronounced as ‘K’ but in ‘cute’ is pronounced as ‘Ky’  and cinema it is pronounced as ‘S’. There is more confusion in English due to silent letters. Some of the letters as ‘R’ is silent in some places and vocal in some other places. This is true with ‘U’ and many other letters.         As there are no rules for spelling, Americans tried to modify spellings to match to sounds for…

Life as I see (English Poem)

This  is how I look at life and what I learned from it.

Empty mind leads to boredom Boredom leads to negativity Negativity starts ruling the life When you don't have enough activity

Let it be big or small Don't miss any duty Don't give yourself  a chance To feel later guilty

Pamper yourself, love yourself There is nothing wrong in looking pretty But as you focus on the outer Don't miss to focus on inner beauty

Fly as high as you can With all your capacity Put efforts to achieve the goal You have that ability

Love people around you Everybody has some quality Appreciate the differences No fun in living with similarity

Make decisions,take ownership Power comes only with responsibility Let people judge your decisions  May be that's not their 'Cup of tea'

What you are, what you can do  That uniqueness is your identity Don't pretend to behave like someone And complex your personality

You believe it or not,that's your choice  There is power called Almighty When he chooses you, to do so…

NLP: The inevitable separation

When anyone is born, he is separated from his mother. This is not a pleasant separation and most of us cannot deal with it. This might be one of the reason babies cry when born. Later, some of us learn to cope up with the separation quickly and some of us take more time. This is a story of Sohan (name changed for obvious purposes) who needed more time to deal with the separation from mother.         Sohan’s mother visited me one day and told me that Sohan used to get dreams that his parents would be separated from him on his fourth birthday. Due to this, he rejected to sleep during nights and sometimes even during daytime. He also wanted to be with his mother for 24 hours. When consulted to a doctor (I think psychologist), he suggested sleeping pills to Sohan, but even after sleeping pills, Sohan didn’t sleep. Later sleeping pills were (fortunately) stopped. After few months, when the doctor made him go through a play session doctors told to Sohan’s parent that his mental growth is bel…

Marathi Kavita: माझा पाऊस

वाटलं लिहावं काहीतरी कित्ती दिवस झाले मन भरून आलं असे कितीतरी पाऊस गेले

भरून आलं मन तरी ते पावसाबरोबर वाहिलं नाही असे म्हटलं तरी चालेलं कारण पाऊस सोडून, त्याला कोणीच पाहिलं नाही

तो पडतो जेव्हा धोधो तेव्हा काळजाचा ठाव घेतोच आठवणीतलं मनातलं तो आपल्याबरोबर नेतोच

रिमझिम टपटप धोधो आणि सरसर कित्तीतरी रूपं त्याची सारी तशी सुंदर

मला मात्र भावतं त्याचं धोधो पडणं हातच काहीच नं राखता थेट जाऊन भिडणं

त्याच्या येण्याबरोबर जाग्या होतात साऱ्या स्मृती आठवतात काही जोडलेली तर काही पुसट होत गेलेली नाती

वाफाळलेला चहा, कधी सोबत कवितेचं पुस्तक तर कधी नुसत बसून त्याला न्याहाळायचं एकटक

गरम भजी वडा आणि मित्रांसोबत केलेली धमाल तर कधी गाणं ऐकताना त्यावर सहज धरलेला ताल

उडालेली तारांबळ कधी जवळ नव्हती म्हणून छत्री तर आठवणीतली संध्याकाळ कुणासोबातची जवळ एकच होती जेव्हा छत्री

कित्येक क्षण दिलेत त्याने भरभरून जगण्याचे रोजच्या व्यापातून स्वतःला थोडं वेगळ काढून बघण्याचे

काही म्हणा तो आहेच वेगळा नाहीतर असतातच कि हिवाळे अन उन्हाळे पण अनुभव किती हे सांगायलाही म्हणतातच ना " मी पाहिलेत इतके पावसाळे"

-कल्याणी बोरकर

Recipes: Masala Kulcha

Sometimes we get bored of eating regular phulaka/roti/paratha and look for something which is quick and tasty. Masala kulchas is a good alternative recipe for such occasions. You may have it with curd for lunch or dinner. These kulchas also taste great with any vegetable.
Ingredients: ·2Cups wheat flour ·7-8 finely chopped garlic ·15-20 black papers crushed ·1 cup fresh coriander finely chopped ·1 cup mint leaves finely chopped ·Salt as per taste ·Oil as needed ·Water as needed

Servings:4 Procedure: 1.Knead wheat dough by adding enough water, oil and salt. Dough should be like our regular chapatti/phulka dough. Cover the dough and keep it aside for 15 minutes. 3.Mix chopped coriander, garlic, mint, salt black pepper and teaspoon of oil.
4.Take big lemon sized dough ball and roll it in a round shape and sprinkle mixture prepared in step 3 evenly on round shaped roti.
5.Sprinkle teaspoon of oil on roti and with the help of your palm gently press mixture so that it blends with the dough.

6.Fold roti i…

Eco-friendly Deepawali lantern with homemade handmade paper and cotton strings

During Ganesh festival, we had prepared eco-friendly Ganesh idol. Lather I published few details of our terrace Garden. Today I am publishing details of deepawali lantern.         Few days back we prepared handmade paper at home using ecofriendly colors. We mainly used newspaper to make it. It was an exciting and successful project.

        Recently we decided to make deepawali lantern using handmade paper that we created at home. It is even more successful and fun project. My daughter enjoyed the project.
        We also prepared few greetings from our handmade paper like below. Another interesting project we completed at home was string lantern. Even string lantern is quite a lot of fun. We are also using it as another deepawali lantern. Rather than buying Chinese lanterns or any other lantern from the market. This shall be a very good vacation project for you or your kids.  Let's save environment, let's save earth and finally let's evolve with every festival and cele…

Math is fun and enjoyment with Vedic math

One of my friends introduced me to Vedic math in 1993 when I was in school. As he was elder than me, he was certain that it is helpful, as it had helped him during his school days. Since my school days, I am in love with Vedic math. It has helped me during my school and until now. Recently, one of my friends discussed with me challenges of kids at school. One of the major challenges was math. While discussing, I realized that Vedic math is a solution to their challenges. What is Vedic math?             Vedic math is a very different way of doing math. This method is simpler and easier than prevalent methods. It is much faster and more suitable for mental math. Vedic math mainly cover algebra and arithmetic. Vedic arithmetic is developed on algebraic principles. Naturally, it is applicable in coordinate geometry and matrices. This method has many advantages. One of the advantages is that you do not need to learn algebra separately as it is just an extension of what you already apply in a…

OM mantra chant, the Sound of universe and Ganapati atharvashirsha

Ganapatiatharvashirsha is about lord Ganesh. It is a part of Atharveveda. Time frame of Atharvaveda is around 1500BC to 500 BC. Gana means group and esha means lord. Ganesh means lord of groups. There are various groups mentioned in Ganapatiatharvashirsha that are owned by lord Ganesh. The groups include ‘Tridevas’ (Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh), ‘Panchamahabhutas’, expressions of self (Ananda, Bramha(Sat), Chit), Shakti (creation, prevention and destruction), Kala(past, present, future), Guna (Satwa, raja, tama), directions, deha, Varnas (letters), speech, and so on. Om is also a representation of lord Ganesh. Om is a verbal representation of the god. It is ‘Sagun’ (with qualities) but Nirakar (formless) representation of god.         NASA released audio form of sound of universe few years back. Plasma waves were converted into human audible waves. You may hear these sounds here.         If you know the sound of OM, you might realize that the sound of universe is very similar to s…

The milk of our second mother, Indian cow or ‘Gomatha’ (Most liked Post)

In one of my posts (How cow is our mother can bull be our father), I explained why cow is called ‘Gomatha’ or mother cow in Indian culture. Along with calling mother (as we have milk of the cow), it is also important to understand why only Indian cow milk and not any other cow milk.         Recently I came across an idea of A1 and A2 type of milk. Milk generally has three parts: Fats, Whey and milk solids. The milk solid part is composed of many different proteins, which have their own names, lactose, and other sugars. We are interested in protein part of the solid. One of these proteins is called casein, of which there are many different types, but the one casein we are interested is the predominant protein called beta- casein. In fact, there is only one difference between A1 & A2 milk. The difference in A1 and A2 beta-casein is the amino acid histidine rather than proline at position 67. The issues relate to a peptide called beta-casomorphin-7 (BCM7). This peptide is rele…

Organic Terrace Vegetable Garden for your daily needs

We have been working on a terrace garden for a while now. Most of the efforts to grow the garden are of my wife. We came up with an idea to have all essential vegetables in our terrace and we started working on it. Last time I had put pictures of cherry tomatoes from our terrace garden. After that we started working on essentials and now we have most of it.
We have curry leaves, mint, lemon grass, coriander, chilies and ginger. We also have eggplant and arum in addition. The best part is they are organic and readily available when we need. They keep environment green and fresh. Most of them are equivalent to any decorative plant. This includes lemon grass, chilies, mint and ginger. Below pictures shall make it clear to you.

In japan many people grow rice in terraces and if not rice we shall at least grow vegetables. I encourage all of you to build your own terrace vegetable garden as per your likes and wishes. Kindly make sure it is organic. Growing plants teach us patience and makes u…

Ecofriendly Ganesh - a beginning

Aswe adopt modern lifestyle we have been using things manufactured in factories using modern technologies. The biggest impact of industrialization is on environment and we have adopted it due to fast paced life. The impact has also been on cultural and religious values.    Even on the name of god people have been impacting environment by multiple ways. This has also been a part of Ganapati festival. During Ganapati festival, the idol is made from plaster of Paris (PoP). PoP is not environment friendly as it does not get dissolved in water. Loud music is played at public places resulting sound pollution. Firecrackers increase air pollution. Colors used during immersion procession are also not environment friendly. Electrical decoration and loud music adds to power wastage. Another aspect is size of the idol. Many people prefer bigger idols and I wonder how does it matter? When I was a kid, immersion used to be done in a local water well. Everyone used to take extra caution not to immerse…

NLP: Story of Mr. Forgetter

Few days back I met Mr. Anand. He is a well-qualified engineer holding good position in a multinational company but he had a challenge in remembering day to day things and he was curious if NLP can help him to enhance his memory. When I spoke to him, he gave some basic examples like forgetting a watch in a meeting room or spectacles at a hairdresser. Other examples he gave were forgetting scheduled meetings and sometimes he used to forget responding to important emails. It’s very easy to fix such things with the help of NLP. We have already seen applications of anchors in last 2 posts and anchors are also helpful in memorization. I have been using them regularly to remember things for quite some time now. I decided to suggest kinesthetic anchors to Mr. Anand. I explained him kinesthetic anchors and told him to create a quick kinesthetic anchor every time he wants to remember something. He agreed to apply the technique and give feedback within 2 weeks. Anand called me after 2 weeks and he…