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NLP: How can you communicate with your kids in public?

            Before becoming a father, I had seen people widening their eyes if their kid behaves in a particular way. If that does not work, they go near the kid and whisper in their ears and if even that doesn’t work they would raise or lower the voice. I used to put myself in their place and realize that it is pretty awkward situation. Well, when I became a father; I realized that I am in the same boat and I wanted an efficient way to communicate with my daughter in public.             Being a student of NLP I thought of applying NLP and life. As NLP works well with the unconscious, I thought it might be very effective with kids and yes, my guess was appropriate. I came up with various sound anchors for my daughter. I started with one and reached up to 10. All these sound are from the rhymes that my daughter listens. She loves all of them. I have practiced them with her at home multiple times and now she exactly acts according to the anchor. Sometimes people wonder how I s

NLP Practitioner course in Pune India with international trainer Peter Freeth

Date: April 20 2016 to  April  27 2016 (8 days) Location: Baner Pune. (Non-Residential) Course Fees: Rs. 28500 Only Course fees include, refreshments (Lunch is not included) Training hours are approx. 9.30am to 5.30pm daily. Trainer: Peter Freeth Peter Freeth has almost 30 years experience in business, with first hand experience in technology, sales, management and leadership development. He has worked with major global corporations including Accenture, HP, British Telecom, Ericsson, Parker Hannifin, Babcock, Mizuho, VW Audi, Barclays, Santander, Mercer, Logica and Google, delivering such results as a 700% increase in profitability, a 500% increase in retail sales and a 200% increase in sales conversion rates. As a NLP trainer, Peter has 20 years experience of learning, innovating and training NLP. He has written 9 books on NLP and related business and leadership subjects as well as countless magazine articles, and he has even ghost written books for other notable traine

NLP Foundations - Weekend Seminar in Pune

        In today’s corporate world, have you ever wondered how to grow by at extraordinary pace and are you not interested in  connecting  better  with people? How many times did you think you wanted to be happier and would you like to achieve something really big? Is there anything in your life that you would like to completely change? There might be many ways that achieve this and if you want a change at miraculously faster pace you shall join this seminar.         What happened last time you stood in front of a group or when you attended an interview? What happened last time when you met one of your most difficult clients? Were you at your best? How can you make interaction with people most effective and build long term relationships in a fast paced world?         How to deal with your emotions at crucial times? How to change you past experiences into long term assets and how to wipe of bad experiences that hog you for long? How to remember things that you usually forg