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New Book : Untold Vaastu Shastra, Building Blocks of Prosperous and Joyful Home

  The Vastu Shastra is being looked at as a set of rules to be followed while constructing or buying a house. However, it is much more than this. The rules may mean different things in different contexts. If you want to apply the science in different contexts, the principles need to be well understood and applied according to the context. The whole purpose of this book is to explain the building blocks of Vastu Shastra so that they can be appropriately used in various contexts. However, the book demonstrated the application to residential houses. This is also a handbook for those who want to construct their own house from scratch. It gives A to Z guidance on the construction of a house, from selecting a city and a plot to planning, construction, and development of a garden. It also offers Muhurta for each stage of the construction and remedies to blemishes in the already constructed house or apartment. This book also has some interesting topics mentioned below: 1. Finding underground

Rats Repellent/Snakes Repellent/Lizards Repellent/Reptile Repellent/Gliricidia Sepium Stick

We have launched this new nature-friendly product on Amazon. It's just a simple stick that can help repel Rats, Snakes, Lizards and all other reptiles. It doesn't kill any animal. You may just keep it in the affected area and get the benefits. So it's much better than killing the rats by feeding poison or setting up a trap. It's a 100% effective and very well tested simple solution. Be comfortable to share this magical stick with your family and friends in cities or villages to get rid of reptiles. It's available on Amazon . Gloria Sepium is toxic to non-ruminants. The generic name Gliricidia means "mouse killer" about the traditional use of its toxic seeds and bark as rodenticides. If you keep the stick near to the areas where the mice or other reptiles roam then they leave the place. You may keep these sticks at home, in your car or in the Wearhouse to keep the mice and other reptiles away. Please note that this is not a reptile killer so it doesn't