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Vedic Astrology: Calculation of Vimshottari Dasa

             Predicting an event is a twofold activity. One involves prediction of an event and other is timing of an event. The timing of an event is a hard nut to crack. It is in fact more difficult than predicting an event. However it is the most important part of the prediction.             The timing of an event involves different methods like transit, progressions and dasa system. The most accurate out of it is the dasa system. The word 'Dasa' means phase or state. The dasa systems are divided into two types ' Graha dasa ' and ' Rasi dasa '. In rasi dasa the periods are owned by a different signs where are in Graha dasa periods are owned by different planets. Classical writers have given around 52 dasa systems in Vedic Astrology. But the most common among them is ' Vimshottari Dasa '. Vimshottari dasa is a type of graha dasa. It is our experience that this dasa gives satisfactory results.             In case of vimshottari dasa total life