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Why Purohit or Priest is not required to perform a Yadnya?

The Vedas have always been presenting a deeper meaning to every term or action and mostly people fail to understand deeper meaning of the Vedas. We have been regularly understanding deeper meaning of many such terms through our blog and books. I could not author a post for a while due to focus on Untold Nakshathta Jyotish . All the while I have been thinking about various fundamental concepts from the Vedas. Untold Nakshathta Jyotish has many such concepts.     Today I plan to explain the concept of Yadnya. Traditionally when we refer to Yadnya we think of a Yadnya Kunda or a holy pit with fire and Purohits offering some grains in the holy fire. This is a perfect practice and can be performed occasionally.     The Vedas also suggest Pancha-Maha-Yadnya or 5 key sacrifices and this practice is supposed to be performed every day. The practice is as below. Everyone shall perform following Yadnyas every day. 1. Brahma Yadnya Brahma means the universal energy. This Practice is