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Contents of my next upcoming book “Vedic Astrology Practitioner Manual”

        Here is next book for Vedic Astrologers.  Novice astrologers face a challenge  in finding a book that can be used in studying Vedic Astrology and a reference book while continuing their studies.  This book is a perfect balance of both. This book is developed considering all the concepts explained in my first book 'Untold Vedic Astrology' and therefore it is logically connected with fundamental ideas. Below are the contents of  “Vedic Astrology Practitioner Manual” 1 Purpose 2 Introduction to Vedhic astrology 3 Applications of Vedhic astrology 4 How planets affect us? 5 Indian concept of time 6 Effects of Weekdays, Thithi and Vedhic months 7 How to read horoscope 8 Nature of ascendants 9 Rashi or signs 10 Graha or planets 11 Discussion on Bhava or houses 12 Planets in various houses 13

My next upcoming Book: Vedic Astrology Practitioner Manual

As a student of Vedhic astrology, one of the challenges that I faced was to study classical texts. We have so many texts and every text has some exceptional content. Most of the translators did not get a chance to validate principles mentioned in the texts and due to this, the accuracy of translation was reduced. One of the examples is Moola Rashi and Dhathu Rashi. This is well explained in my book ‘Untold Vedhic Astrology’. Due to all the reasons mentioned above, I started noting my own observations while studying various classical texts. Over a period of time, I also felt that novice students of astrology can progress faster if they get validated knowledge. This is also good for the development of Vedhic astrology. Therefore, I decided to publish my notes from various classical texts as a manual. This is a good reference book for novice student of Vedhic astrology.         While making my notes I referred many classical texts including Bruhath Parashara Hora Shastra, Bruhath Jat