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Karma Yoga and Excellence

                Being a quality assurance professional; this topic is very dear to my heart. This topic is also one of the very important concepts in Indian spirituality and also a pathway for excellence. As far as I know, this topic was first coined in Bhagvadgeeta. Bhagvadgeeta is a conversation between lord Krishna and his disciple Arjuna in the middle of the battlefield.                One of the recent spiritual leaders and professor of philosophy Gurudev Ranade said, “Excellence is the mark of spirituality” and I think this is a very good scale to measure spirituality rather than anything else. Modern psychologists have been trying to model excellence as many people can excel using the model and psychologists have been getting some success in modelling excellence.                When we discuss excellence or quality of karma; mastery on the topic and required skills are very important. This is important in the context of spirituality because Indian spirituality gives imm

Get best out of three and half Muhurtas in Indian calendar Part 1

As I mentioned multiple times before, ancient Indians successfully merged all the best practices in day to day life to make the life better. One of the highly considered things in Indian calendar is Muhurta or selection of good time. The concept behind Muhurta is selecting good time for doing anything important or special. This, in fact, is in sync with the basic concept of Astrology . Even though I believe in the concept of Muhurta and have seen some mesmerizing results, I feel that people have been giving too much of importance to Muhurtas than actually needed. There are certain challenges in selecting a Muhurta and let’s look at them a bit. The biggest challenge is that the rules on which Muhurtas are decided differ from text to text. As far as my study of Muhurta goes; I have seen that every ancient text on electional astrology (Muhurta) has a variation of a particular rule!!! Secondly, no one has explained the rationale behind the rule that they stated and due to this fact alm