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Hypnosis - No Pain, Just Gain

In my last 21 years of practice of astrology, I have been finding ways to help and support people in various ways. 15 years ago when I was first introduced to hypnosis I never thought that it will do wonders in the life of so many people. Hypnosis has transformed life of many people in various ways including me. Today, I am just going to focus on one aspect of hypnosis and that is pain control and elimination. Pain is one area where medicine is not very effective. What I mean is, one need to take medicines for pain and medicine is only effective for certain duration. There are also many side effects of pain killers. Hypnosis is very effective for pain control along with many other areas. I would like to share my recent experiences about pain elimination using hypnosis and there are many more from the past. One patient had severe back pain. According to the doctor, she has some gap in spinal discs due to wearing of bones. This was a chronic issue for her and she was suffering fro

Shall we really consider Vaastu compliance and is Vaastu compliance more important than horoscope?

This is an interesting question for most of us. Now days Vaastu compliance has become so important that everyone cares about it. It is surprising to also find out sometimes the focus being shifted from Astrology to Vaastu or fengshui. The real question is, is Vaastu different from Astrology. As mentioned in Branches of Astrology blog. Astrology has a branch named Samhita. Varahamihira in his Bruhat Samhita has dedicated a chapter for Vaastu so an astrologer is supposed to know about Vaastu as well and of course Vaastu is a part of astrology. In any horoscope 4 th house is a house of land / home. Interestingly I found that people who have afflicted 4 th house usually some Vaastu compliance issue. I have also found that people having very good 4 th house usually have a compliant Vaastu. It is a good idea to check Vaastu compliance while buying a house or land. In case, you already have a house, then there are many alternatives that can help you to make the compliant withou

How to read north Indian style horoscope

In the course of explaining details of astrology it is possible that I may explain few horoscopes and it is useful to understand the basics of reading horoscope. Today we will learn how to read horoscope drawn in north Indian way. Once you learn this, south Indian way is not very difficult.                A horoscope consists of houses and signs. You may know that there are total 12 signs and there are 12 houses as well. Every planet is posited in one of the 12 signs sign and in one of the 12 houses. The most important sign is ascending sign or an ascendant. This is also called Lagna in Indian astrology.                In north Indian style, houses in a horoscope are shown at fixed location. Below diagram shows houses in a north Indian horoscope.  So 1 means first house, 2 means second house and so on… In your horoscope you may see different numbers than above diagram and that is because we have just put number to explain houses and in real horoscope ascendant sign is writt

Detailed Explanation of 'Adhika masa' (intercalary month), 'tithi' or 'paksha'

The calculation of lunar months is totally dependent on the movement of sun. As we have already told any month which starts when moon is in nirayana Pisces is Chaitra. Because the lunar year can be co related with solar year. It also means that the number of solar years and lunar years are always going to be same in a specific time interval. Thirty lunar days consists of a lunar month. Three hundred sixty and sixty lunar days consist of a lunar year. In one solar year there are 371 lunar days. So in every solar year there are more 11 lunar days. When this sum goes to 30 days one more month is formed. In that case the lunar month is of 13 months and lunar year is of 390 days. This extra month is called as ' adhika masa' or intercalary month .           Let us take an example. The month in which there is no transition of sun into another rasi happens to be an 'adhika masa'. If a month starts when sun is in Aries and till this month ends there is no transition of su