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Goodness of Savskruth (Sanskrit)

        Recently I started teaching English to my daughter and realized that it is so much difficult for kids to learn English. I am sure you might have faced this if you are an Indian and have made an attempt. First, most of the Indian languages are purely phonetic. What this means is, a particular letter sounds same everywhere or no two letters sound the same. For example, letter ‘ k ’ or ‘Ka’ is Ka has unique sound and no other letter sounds like Ka. Similarly, no two words sound the same like English. For example ‘here’ and ‘hear’. English also has two or more sounds for same letter. For example in ‘cat’ c is pronounced as ‘K’ but in ‘cute’ is pronounced as ‘Ky’  and cinema it is pronounced as ‘S’. There is more confusion in English due to silent letters. Some of the letters as ‘R’ is silent in some places and vocal in some other places. This is true with ‘U’ and many other letters.         As there are no rules for spelling, Americans tried to modify spellings to match to

NLP: The inevitable separation

         When anyone is born, he is separated from his mother. This is not a pleasant separation and most of us cannot deal with it. This might be one of the reason babies cry when born. Later, some of us learn to cope up with the separation quickly and some of us take more time. This is a story of Sohan (name changed for obvious purposes) who needed more time to deal with the separation from mother.         Sohan’s mother visited me one day and told me that Sohan used to get dreams that his parents would be separated from him on his fourth birthday. Due to this, he rejected to sleep during nights and sometimes even during daytime. He also wanted to be with his mother for 24 hours. When consulted to a doctor (I think psychologist), he suggested sleeping pills to Sohan, but even after sleeping pills, Sohan didn’t sleep. Later sleeping pills were (fortunately) stopped. After few months, when the doctor made him go through a play session doctors told to Sohan’s parent that his me

Eco-friendly Deepawali lantern with homemade handmade paper and cotton strings

        During Ganesh festival, we had prepared eco-friendly Ganesh idol . Lather I published few details of our terrace Garden . Today I am publishing details of deepawali lantern.         Few days back we prepared handmade paper at home using ecofriendly colors. We mainly used newspaper to make it. It was an exciting and successful project.            Recently we decided to make deepawali lantern using handmade paper that we created at home. It is even more successful and fun project. My daughter enjoyed the project.         We also prepared few greetings from our handmade paper like below.            Another interesting project we completed at home was string lantern. Even string lantern is quite a lot of fun. We are also using it as another deepawali lantern.            Rather than buying Chinese lanterns or any other lantern from the market. This shall be a very good vacation project for you or your kids.             Let's save environment, let's s