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My next book is for all of you: Untold Nakshatra Jyotish (Fifth Edition)

Untold Nakshatra Jyotish (Fifth Edition) This book is your everyday friend philosopher and guide. First, it explains the 7 principles of joyful living. Then it explains how Vedas is an integrated science. Finally, it helps you with daily astrological guidance. This includes Muhurta, compatibility with friends and partners, and beneficial and not-so-beneficial planetary positions. It also offers various remedial measures for each Nakshatra. Every Nakshatra has a deity and a symbol. Various stories are associated with each deity. The book explains the hidden meaning of each story. The book also explains the hidden meaning of the symbol of Nakshatra. We have given original references from Vedas for various Vedic stories to maintain their originality. The nature of the person born in each Nakshatra is explained along with the rulership of each Nakshatra of various material items. Even here original references from classical texts have been provided. Every Nakshatra has a

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Prosperity n Joy turns 4!

        This was another exciting year for PnJ. This year our focus was on Vedic Math and we released 3 books on Vedic Math. We also started conducting courses for younger kids.         The first book we released was 'Vedic Math for 8th class', second book was 'Vedic Math primary school arithmetic' and third book is 'Drawing and Feeling Math'. Vedic Math courses and books got very good response from all of you and I want to Thank you for your affection.         Recently we launched an interesting course and this is to learn math with craft, art, acting and gaming. Everyone including us are thrilled with this.          We even released a book of Kalyani's Poems (Najar) and many people liked it. Some of them sent awesome reviews, some others sent their notes on her poems. Some are reading them regularly and presenting it in public forums with prior permission.         In coming year, we want to design and deliver new courses and I want to publish m

Creative Math Program

Math can be interesting if played, acted or crafted. It shall be taught in such manner to kids so that they can enjoy it. Even though math is created by humans it is everywhere around us and if we feel it then it can be a part of our daily life. This program follows similar method to teach basic math. It teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a fun way through acting, drawing and craft that all of us can enjoy. You may call 08087000955 or send an email to

Why remedies like ‘Pooja’ or ‘Shanti’ sometimes don’t work?

Many times, when we go to astrologers they suggest us conventional remedies. These remedies include Mantra, Vrata, Pooja, Shanti and so on. Sometimes these remedies work and sometimes they don’t. Similarly, some astrologers suggest gemstones and even gemstones don’t always work. You may wonder, how come sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. In today’s blog post we are understanding this. Hindu philosophy describes 3 different types of challenges or Taapa. The challenges are ‘Aadhyatmik’ or personality related, ‘Aadhibhouthik’ or related to material things and ‘Aadhidhaivik’ or related to various energies or Devathas. Curious if you remember, when we were kids some people used to tell us sarcastically to study for exams rather than visiting temple and sometimes we did feel that it is correct because if preparations for exam are not complete then temple visit may not be helpful either. Incomplete preparations are an Aadhyatmik challenge. If we lack in any skills, first w

The mystic meaning of Shree Saraswathi Yanthram

        Recently someone asked me about the scientific meaning of Shree Saraswathi Yanthram and I thought many of you may have same question. Many Hindus have been drawing and praying Shree Saraswathi Yanthram or Shree Saraswathi sign since childhood. Many of you may know that Shree Saraswathi is a goddess of 14 Vidya or sources of knowledge and 64 Kala or art forms. Therefore, she is also a goddess of creation and creativity.          On another note Shakthi is represented by a triangle in Vedic culture. The real meaning of word Shakthi is skill. You may wonder why a skill is represented by a triangle. A skill is represented by a triangle because a skill requires perfect coordination between Mind, Body & Intellect. The 3 sides of a triangle represent Mind, Body & Intellect. Let’s learn about Shree Saraswathi Yanthram in this context. Below is a picture of Shree Saraswathi Yanthram. As you observe the picture closely you may learn that the Yantra has many triangles.

Holi Hai!!! – Plan for a prosperous and joyful new year

Every Indian festival has a purpose and the purpose is relevant even today. Today I want to discuss a bit about structure of an Indian year and purpose of Holi.          As you may be aware, Indian culture has 3 key gods i.e. Branhma, Vishnu and Mahesh or Shiva and similarly 3 goddesses i.e. Devi Saraswathi, Mahalakshmi and Mahakali. The roles of the 3 gods and goddesses are also defined. Brahma and Devi Saraswathi are creators, Vishnu and Mahalakshmi are nurturers finally lord Shiva and Mahakali are destroyers. Lord Ganesha is also considered as representation of Brahma.          According to Hindu philosophy this cycle of creation, nurturing and destruction is a continuous cycle. Shree Swami Vivekananda gave an analogy of waves in an ocean to this cycle. Another interesting principle in Vedic literature is “Yatha Pinde tatha brahmande| Yatha Brahamande tatha Pinde” or what you observe at micro level is also observable at mega level or vice versa. This is perfectly scienti

Vedic Math : Primary school arithmetic is live

        Almost 4 months ago we published Vedic Math for 8th class. When I released that book the plan was to publish books for all classes. You may be aware that every book is independent and does not require any prior knowledge of Vedic Math. Even then, it is nice to know the basics really well. Therefore, I decided to first cover primary school arithmetic.         This book mainly covers simple methods of all 4 arithmetic operations i.e. Addition, Subtraction, multiplication and division. It also covers methods to develop multiplication tables and checking answers.         The focus of Vedic methods is on mental math. Methods of multiplication and division in Vedic math are special. They are quick and easy. Interestingly one of the methods for multiplication is also applicable to division. Once you learn these methods algebra becomes easier.          This book is most appropriate for pupils in 4th or 5th class. First 9 chapters are also helpful to pupils in 1st and 2nd clas