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Vedic Astrology: Saptavargaja Bala

Saptavargaja Bala  means the strength of the seven-fold division. For calculating the Saptavargaja bala 1. The relative strength of a planet either being in the sign of the friend or enemy is first ascertained. Moreover the temporary friendship or enmity is also ascertained. The combination of temporary and permanent relationship gives us more comprehensive combined relationship. This relationship is applied to sapatvargas and then the strength is ascertained. 2. Out of shodahsavargas Rasi, Hora, Drekkana, Saptamsa, Navamsa, Dwadashamsa and Trimsamsa together create saptavarga. For ready reference we are giving the table of Permanent Friendship and Temporary Friendship between the planets. Permanent Relationship (Naisargika Maitri) Planet Naisargika Mitra (Friend) Naisargika Shatru (Enemy) Sama (Neutral) Sun Moon Mar Jup Ven Sat Mer Moon Sun Mer None Mar Jup Ven Sat Mars Sun Moon Jup Mer