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Why NLP works? Or Artificial Intelligence (AI) connection of Neuro Lingustic Programming

        As a part of my profession, I work on artificial intelligence and deep learning. Artificial intelligence has good connection with Natural Language Processing, which is also called NLP but this post is about connection of Neuro Lingustic Programming and AI.         Recently I was learning about methods applied for object recognition. A method used by neural networks is very interesting. Let me first explain the method in short. If you know NLP then you will certainly able to correlate it with NLP.         A neural net generally has pictures of various objects and it learns from those pictures. For example, suppose we want to teach a neural network to identify a car. Then we are supposed to pass many pictures of various cars. Now let us see how neural net understands a car. A neural net down samples a picture to eliminate all the details to understands a shape of an object. Additionally it identifies common traits in all the pictures. In our example of a car, it may iden


नऊ मासाच्या प्रतिक्षेनंतर पाहिलं त्याचं मुख आई म्हणून अनुभवलं मी ते जगावेगळ सुख ते रडलं आणि मी हसले असा होता तो क्षण आई म्हणाली, पूर्ण झाला बाळंतपणाचा पण वाटलं राजा राणीचा पूर्ण झाला आता संसार काव्यात वगैरे बोलायचे तर त्याला आली बहार पण दोनच दिवसात मांडलेलं सगळं गणित फसतं कळून चुकत आई होणं इतकं सोपं नसत कित्ती दिले तरी अपुरेच पडतात त्याला चौवीस तास सेंट आणि deo कुठले, नुसता शी आणि शु चा वास हक्काचं माहेरपण आईबाबांनी ठेवलेली बडदास्त सगळ्यांना हे बाळ गोड पण मला मात्र देत त्रास कधी लागते उचकी तर कधी धरत श्वास' कधी बिनसतं पोट तर कधी होतो gas जेवण केलय आज आईने आवडीचे खास पण सूर ह्याने काढला कि माझा अडकतोय घास त्यातच इकडून तिकडून सूचनांचा पाऊस हे करून बघ त्याला आणि हे नको खाऊस डोक बांधून घे जरा कित्ती आहे पाऊस दिवे लागणी झाली आता बाहेर नको जाऊस कुणी म्हणे लागली असेल त्याला दृष्ट काढून टाक एकदाची इडा पिडा होऊ देत नष्ट सांभाळ बाई त्याला खूप आहेत infection देऊन आणलंस का ग त्याला वेळेत injection बाटली नको तिला च

Self-Hypnosis programme for Goal setting and Achievement

         Hypnosis and Self-hypnosis both are very effective means of achieving our goals. Even though you need an expert hypnotist for hypnosis, everyone can apply self-hypnosis.         Self-hypnosis is very effective in achieving goals. This course mainly covers process of goal setting, basics of hypnosis and the theory and practical of self-hypnosis. High Level Course Contents 1. Goal setting 2. Theory of Hypnosis 3. Practicals of self-hypnosis Duration: 7 hours Course Fees: Rs. 2500 Additional Benefits 1. Relaxation 2. Better Concentration 3. Stress management 4. Focus 5. Elimination from fear 6. Development of long term relationships 7. Better communication Fill the form here to register. As you feel that this is what you want, get in touch with us on 7719926102 or email us as immediately.

NLP: New Year Resolutions

        Every year we decide New Year resolutions when New Year starts. Some of us continue for a week and some of us continue for a month. Very few of us achieve their goal and rarely do we exceed them.         As I work with people, I get chance to help them to define their goals and come up with plans to achieve them. NLP is very good at both of them. Well-formed outcomes are a best goal setting and achieving methodologies I have come across so far. My general observation is that when goal are properly defined and plans are well developed using well-formed outcomes we achieve our goals in much less time.         Recently I worked with an engineer on goal setting and plan development. He wanted to achieve something for last 1 year but he was not getting what he wanted. We worked it out with well-formed outcomes and to his surprise, it happened within a week! Interestingly couple of his goals was conflicting to each other! When I made him realize it, he came to know that on

Vedic Math Level 2 Course (Advanced Arithmetic)

We are starting next level of Vedic Math course. As you might be aware, Vedic math covers many topics right from arithmetic to calculus including Algebra and conics. In level 2, we are focusing on advanced arithmetic. Duration: 3 Months (2 hours every Week) Fees: Rs. 3500 High Level Course Contents 1)   Subtraction of any 2 numbers 2)   Multiplication of a)    Numbers near multiples of a base number b)   Above and below base number c)    Numbers with different number digits d)   4 digit number e)    3 numbers f)     Sum of products 3)   Division of a)        Divisor below or above a base number b)  Division as reverse of multiplication (Argumental Division) c)           Straight Division (Crowning Gem of Vedic Math) 4)   Addition, Subtraction Division and Multiplication using Number splitting 5)   Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of Fractions 6)   Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication of decimal numbers 7)   Decimalizing o