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Ecofriendly Ganesh - a beginning

          As   we adopt modern lifestyle we have been using things manufactured in factories using modern technologies. The biggest impact of industrialization is on environment and we have adopted it due to fast paced life. The impact has also been on cultural and religious values.    Even on the name of god people have been impacting environment by multiple ways. This has also been a part of Ganapati festival. During Ganapati festival, the idol is made from plaster of Paris (PoP). PoP is not environment friendly as it does not get dissolved in water. Loud music is played at public places resulting sound pollution. Firecrackers increase air pollution. Colors used during immersion procession are also not environment friendly. Electrical decoration and loud music adds to power wastage. Another aspect is size of the idol. Many people prefer bigger idols and I wonder how does it matter? When I was a kid, immersion used to be done in a local water well. Everyone used to take ex

NLP: Story of Mr. Forgetter

Few days back I met Mr. Anand. He is a well-qualified engineer holding good position in a multinational company but he had a challenge in remembering day to day things and he was curious if NLP can help him to enhance his memory. When I spoke to him, he gave some basic examples like forgetting a watch in a meeting room or spectacles at a hairdresser. Other examples he gave were forgetting scheduled meetings and sometimes he used to forget responding to important emails. It’s very easy to fix such things with the help of NLP. We have already seen applications of anchors in last 2 posts and anchors are also helpful in memorization. I have been using them regularly to remember things for quite some time now. I decided to suggest kinesthetic anchors to Mr. Anand. I explained him kinesthetic anchors and told him to create a quick kinesthetic anchor every time he wants to remember something. He agreed to apply the technique and give feedback within 2 weeks. Anand called me after 2

NLP: And driving on highway becomes fun

Long ago I had seen NLP video where a famous NLP master helped a lady to eliminate fear of driving. He helped her in a session of just 45 minutes and later she could drive well. It was unbelievable for me at that time. Later as I learnt more about NLP, I understand that NLP works so fast that it’s easily possible to eliminate fear in minutes. Recently, I worked with a client who had similar fear driving on Highways. Here is a story of him. For the purpose of hiding identity let’s call him Adi. Adi met me and told that he is not comfortable driving on highways beyond certain speeds. He came with his wife and she said he is generally under stress while driving on highways. He also gets angry on other people in the car or drivers of other vehicles without significant reason so long drives are memorable for some undesirable reason. I decided to go with him on highway. When we started I realized that his body is stiff. I also didn’t see much confidence while overtaking another veh