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Indian Culture: How Cow is our Mother and can Bull be our Father! (Most read post)

        Recently, there was some discussion about cow slaughtering and protection of cows. In one of the states, government banned cow slaughtering and this discussion came into limelight that might have helped many news channels to get good TRP. I thought of explaining this topic a little further so that you understand the concept behind calling cow ‘ gomata ’ as many people laugh at this idea.         If you go through my previous blog post about rationale behind astrology you might be aware of the principle behind Indian sciences. The same principle is used at many places in Indian culture. You might wonder how come cow is such a popular animal even though there are so many pet animals in Indian culture and how come only cow milk is prescribed.         It will be interesting to compare gestation period of various animals out of curiosity and the data is available here . The main principle behind all Indian sciences is, “The way it is in nature that same way it will contribu

Vedic Astrology: Charakhandas and Rasinamas (Duration of sign)

              We are starting a series on mathematical aspect of astrology and today's post is about calculating the duration of signs at any place. In this post we are going to study the meaning of Rasinamas , Charakhandas , calculation of charakhandas, rashimanas and ayanamsha .             Astrology is the science which is based on mathematics and for the purpose of making accurate predictions it is absolutely essential that the student is conversant with the mathematical aspects. In fact, it is said that ' Suryasiddhanta ' and ' Brihat Jataka ' are two wheels of chariot on which it runs. From this it can concluded that the equal importance should be given to the mathematical aspect of the science. Rasimanas             Rasimanas means the rising period of the sign or rasi. The duration of each sign is a function of latitude of a place. The average duration of any ascendant is 120 minutes. It is important to know exact duration, because without it the