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NLP: Quickly getting confidence back

Recently I met Maya. She was curious if I can help her with few long-standing challenges. Maya wanted to fix three things, lack of confidence, decision-making and self-esteem. Maya was an engineer by profession. She was working in a multinational and her career was average. She also mentioned that she has insomnia and she takes sleeping pill every day. Maya had few interesting behaviors. It was very difficult for her to say ‘No’ to her friends and relatives. She did not want to take any step in case there are unknowns. It was very difficult for her to make any decisions. It is interesting to see a person whose age is 35+ does not want to make any decisions. Many times behaviors and beliefs are influenced by childhood experiences. It is very important to free the person from such beliefs to be natural. While talking to her I realized that the roots of her behavior are in her childhood. Based on discussion with her, I decided to take her through time trajectory. It was intere

NLP: And she learnt walking again!

        Have you ever seen a baby successfully walking for the first time? It is so much of fun! I have enjoyed it many times. Walking is a daily activity that we do not consider as a skill. When people grow old due to various reasons, they again may face challenges in walking and if they want to walk then it may be a new skill for them.         Recently an old woman of 67 years came to me. She had undergone a spine surgery after which she had challenges in walking. She met me 2 months after the surgery. Doctor has prescribed her physiotherapy for few days and later some daily exercises. Even after 2 months, she was using a walker or assistance. She was also worried if she will be ever able to walk independently. Once or twice, she fell down while walking and that reduced her confidence further.         One good thing about NLP, is the change is fast and persistent . When I thought how do we really walk even I started wondering and decided to model people of different age. I