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Contents of my upcoming book “Untold Vedic Astrology”

As I give the final touches to the book, I shall publish content for everyone curious. The book contains very different topics and you might have rarely learned about them. It takes the most logical and scientific approach to deal with topics in Vedic astrology. Here is a quick snapshot of the contents. 1.  Vedic astrology and Triune brain theory 2.  Vedic astrology and Multiple intelligence theory 3.  Vedic astrology and Quantum physics 4.  Vedic astrology and Indian typology 5.  Vedic astrology and fetus development 6.  Vedic astrology and body clock 7.  Effects of Sun and Moon on plants and animals 8. 11 Key ideas that form building blocks of Vedic astrology 9.  Why Vedic astrology does not consider outside Saturn? 10.  Relation of astronomy to astrology 11.  How house significations were formed 12. How Rashi significations and signs were decided 13.  Connection of astronomy to astrology 14.  Results of the conjunction of two planets 15.  Importan

My upcoming Book "Untold Vedic Astrology"

Here is an extract from the first chapter of Untold Vedic Astrology. Astrology is interesting science and many people think that it is a mystic. Many principles in Vedic astrology are not well explained so it is considered as an occult subject. When we know principles, learning, and application of principles become easy and accurate.         As a sincere student of Vedic Astrology, you might have wondered how house allocations were decided or how Characteristics of planets or signs were decided. Some of you might already have some ideas but may not have details. Just like you, I have been searching for answers to these questions for the last 24 years and could find many of them. Many more questions are still unanswered and we shall work together to research further.         Any astrologer needs to learn basic astronomy as answers to many questions lie in the knowledge of astronomy. Answers to a few questions lie in the knowledge of Ayurveda. Few more have come from spiritual