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My next book is for all of you: Untold Nakshatra Jyotish

This book is your everyday friend philosopher and guide. First it explains 7 principles of joyful living. Then it explains how Vedas is an integrated science. Finally, it helps you with daily astrological guidance. This includes Muhurta, compatibility with friends and partners, beneficial and not so beneficial planetary positions. It also offers various remedial measures for each Nakshatra. Every Nakshatra has a deity and a symbol. Various stories are associated with each deity. The book explains hidden meaning of each story. The book also explains hidden meaning of a symbol of Nakshatra. We have given original references from Vedas for various Vedic stories to maintain the originality. Nature of person born in each Nakshatra is explained along with rulership of each Nakshatra of various material items. Even here original references from classical texts have been provided. Every Nakshatra has an allocated tree. We have given Ayurvedic medicinal properties of a