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My next book is for all of you: Untold Nakshatra Jyotish

Nakshathra plays an important role in Vedhic astrology. It is effectively used in some areas of Vedhic astrology but not used in some other areas. The count of Nakshathra make Nakshathra Jyothish more challenging as compared to Rashi Jyothish. Originally Vedhic Jyothish was Nakshathra based and over the period it was isolated from Vedha. I am not sure if this happened naturally or it was done intentionally. Even though we say Vedha is wisdom, we don’t know how to interpret Vedha. This has limited our ability to understand the meaning of Vedha. Thankfully this knowledge is being passed from generation to generation and we may look at it from a fresh perspective. Nakshathra has been an integrated part of Muhurtha or election of time. It is also an integral part of Vedhic culture. Naturally, Vedhic culture and Muhurtha are closely interlinked. I also feel Vedhic astrology was first applied in mundane affairs and the relation of Mundane affairs with Nakshathra is intact in classical texts li…