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Good Times 2015

Did you ever wanted to know if a particular day is a good day for starting anything new as you wanted to be successful? Did you realize that it is not possible to every time get auspicious dates from as astrologer? Did wonder if there is any calendar handy?
        We have a 2015 calendar that comes handy and can tell you good times that can be used to start anything new or buy anything along with its positive effect.         This calendar is always with you as it is in the format of Google Calendar and is available on a PC, Smart phone and tablet. Here are screen shots of the calendar on PC, Phone &Tablet. We have this calendar ready for all the time zones. Just below this post we have also provided actual calendar. Goto 1st Jan 2015 to see more details.

        We are offering Good Times 2015 just for Rs. 400 in Asia or $18  outside Asia and this is saving many of your visits to astrologer and much more money for the whole year

You may also try it for 3 months now. The pr…

Good Times 2015 Sample Calendar

Goto 1st Jan 2015 to see details of Good Times 2015.

Bottle guard Salad (Raita)


What is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)?

First time I heard about NLP was in 2002 and I have been practicing NLP for many years now. Now I am certified as SNLP master practitioner. Many people have asked me this question which is a title of this blog (What is NLP?) and I thought of answering this as most of the people who have only read about NLP have their own perception. Even though many NLP masters have also answered this question clearly; there may be some confusion in your mind as there is lot of glamour around NLP due to its quick and effective techniques. In one sentence “NLP is about study of human excellence”. NLP believes that there is a lot that happens at an unconscious level, when a person applies any skill. It is important to understand the unconscious activity of a genius to acquire the skill he has. NLP offers such methodologies to make our learning faster. This process of identifying a structure behind a skill is called Modelling. In my mind, modelling is a core of NLP and most of the other techniques have ev…