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Astrological analysis of Mr. Bachchan Part 1

Mr. Bachchan is another legendary figure in our country. He is a versatile actor and has same glamour even in his seventies. Mr. Bachchan has also seen many difficulties in his lifetime and he emerged successfully. His horoscope is also interesting from this perspective. Let us learn a bit more about his horoscope in this series. Date of Birth: Sunday, October 11, 1942        Time of Birth: 16:00:00        Place of Birth: Allahabad        Longitude: 81 E 50        Latitude: 25 N 57        Time Zone: 5.5                  Many people think Mr. Bachchan’s birth time is 4 PM. Some think it is 3:30 PM. After rectification, I could confirm that it is 3:55 PM. This is a very interesting horoscope because prima facie it may look like an average horoscope. In this post, let us learn about basic combinations in the horoscope. Ascendant and the Moon both are airy signs and ascendant have an aspect of an airy planet, the Saturn. All the signs are of typically airy