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Compatibility Report

Traditionally, the score matching was based on the Nakshathra and the Rashi of the Moon. It is called ‘Gunamelan’ or गुणमेलन . The maximum possible score is supposed to be 36 and if the score is above 18 i.e., 50% then it is considered as a good enough score for marriage. One of the most known words in the matching of horoscopes is ‘Shadashtaka’. Many times, if the bride and the groom have Shadashtaka then it was considered as a perfect mismatch.  However, in our research, it was found that many couples with Shadashtaka and very low score enjoyed their married life and got along very well but many couples who had very good scores did not along at all. This led us to research the factors that would lead to a joyful married life. In our research, we also realized that the conventional method was good in the past due to various cultural and social factors. However, in today’s context when the culture has dramatically changed and the social structure is different the conventional method n

Life Summary Report

Many times we want to understand more about our life. We would like to know where we are headed. We get questions like Whether a job or business is more appropriate for me? What shall I look for in my spouse? How would my life be? How would my relations be? Whether I would gain a position of power? "What's the purpose of my life?" How much would I grow? You will get answers to such questions in this report. This report is helpful to spouses to understand each other better and it can also help to guide your kids appropriately.  Here  is the Sample Report for reference. ( ).  The fees for this report are Rs. 500 for Indian residents and $10 for Foreign residents. Here are some sample pictures from the report.

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