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If twins have same horoscopes why they don’t have exactly same life?

Many a times this objection is taken against astrology to show that Astrology is not a science. In my experience many twins don’t have same horoscope and even in that case, one will find amazing astrological similarities in their life. Technically speaking 2 horoscopes can be considered same when both the natives are born on the same time and exactly at the same place and these are not true about twins. Secondly once you understand the power of Kriyaman or the ability of humans to enhance or improve their life you will get the answer of this objection yourself. To understand this better you may want to read our blog article here . I would like to provide you some examples to explain similarities between twins. I came across twin sisters born on 25 June 1988. One was born on 8:30 PM and another was born on 8:37 PM respectively. Time difference between their births is 7 minutes. These 2 sisters are born on different ascendants or Lagnas. Older sister is born on Sagittarius asce

What is rationale behind Astrology?

This is one of the most interesting questions that all of us must have thought about at least once. In fact this puzzle is also true about many ancient sciences and techniques and it is applicable to ancient sciences like Ayurveda or any other herbal medicinal therapy, yoga and of course astrology. While wondering about how people knew usefulness of almost every plant, I found a theory in some ancient text long ago and even though I don’t remember the reference, it worked for me most of the times.                 The theory is very simple “The way it is in nature that same way it will contribute to the nature” Let me give you some well-known examples of this. In yoga the postures or Asanas are created and named based on some animals. To name a few are Markatasan (monkey posture), Makarasan (Crocodile posture) and Marjarasan(Cat posture). Some others postures are inspired from trees for example Tadasan(Tad tree posture) and Vrukshasan (tree posture). Some of the pranayams (br

How planets affect us?

Before going to an Astrologer it is very important to understand what a Horoscope is. Understanding it will help us learn about predictions much better. You can look at Horoscope as a map of the sky at the time of birth with reference to the birth place of a native . Let me elaborate this a little bit astronomically. When yourself around you, you will complete 360 degrees in one rotation. The same is true when any planet including earth. This circle of 360 degrees is divided into 12 parts and considered as sign. The sign is again a group of stars. As the stars are fixed and planets are moving we see different planets into different signs. Planets seen in a sign at the time of birth are marked into the horoscope.  The sign rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth is considered as ascendant.                 Let’s feel the importance of a horoscope for every individual. Horoscope is planetary position at the time of birth. When you hear this next question is how do