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Science in Indian Culture – Gudhi Padwa

Many Indian traditions and customs have some science, reasoning and history behind it. Even though we follow our traditions, we have lost the context of some of our traditions. Being an intelligent culture, we may stop following our customs and traditions unless we know the science or reasoning behind it. Indian culture was totally based on the scientific knowledge known at that point of time. It has also evolved over the period of time. There may be other cultures that also have some scientific basis and it will be very interesting to learn about them. If you know any such scientific custom in any culture please add your comments to this blog post. Few days back, I published blog named ‘ Indian concept of time ’ that explains the 60 year lunar cycle and also when a year begins for Indians. Hindu year always begins between 15 th of March and 15 th of April. Interesting enough, many cultures inside as well as outside India, start New Year in March or April. The most natural re