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 Mr. Gaurish Borkar was first introduced to Vedhic astrology when he was a teen and got his first degree in astrology when he was just 14. He comes from a traditional family and his grandfather Shree Haribhau Borkar was a well-known astrologer from Goa India. Even though Gaurish could not get much guidance from his grandfather as he died when Gaurish was too young, inherited knowledge was always in the blood. Gaurish got guidance from his cousin grandfather for the next few years. After practicing Vedhic astrology successfully for more than 6 years, Gaurish realized that just the ability of accurate prediction is not good enough but the ability to provide solutions is more important. Therefore, he started learning various remedial measures like Reiki, Gemmology, Hypnosis, and NLP along with traditional remedial measures. He started his practice of Vedhic astrology again after studying various remedial measures for more than 16 years. Nowadays he enjoys evolving people and helping them to achieve their goals, rather than just predicting their future.


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