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New Book : Vedic Astrology Master Practitioner Manual - Exclusive Excerpts from Various Classical Texts on Advanced Topics

Contents   Acknowledgments 1 The Purpose 2 Who Shall Read This Book? 3 Sample Horoscope 4 Upagrahas or Nonluminous Planets 5 Vivshotthari Dhasha 6 Vargas or Divisional Charts 7 Ashtakvarga 8 Gochara or Planetary Transits 9 Graha Bala or Strength of Planets 10 Nashta Jathakam or Lost Horoscope and Rectification of Birthtime 11 Conclusion We published the first edition of the Vedic Astrology Practitioner Manual in March 2017 and since then 6 editions have already been published. Many readers of the Vedic Astrology Practitioner Manual have reached out to me and enquired about my notes on advanced topics in Vedhic Astrology. Even though I promised them to publish my notes on advanced topics, I couldn’t get them

New Book: Untold Planetary Transits -Simple Way to Accurately Predict Timing of Events

The timing of events is a hard nut to crack. The Dashas are widely used in Vedic Astrology. However, Dashas have their advantages and limitations. Some people have their set of rules to time the event. I have been using the Dashas and Transits in combination to predict the timing of events. The way I apply transits has many advantages. This book is a small compilation of the method I follow to predict the timing of events. Here are some of the advantages of the method. 1.       Identifies important milestones in life. 2.       Predicts the timing of an event with fair accuracy. 3.       Applies Transits to Divisional Horoscopes. 4.       Identifies eventful phases in life. 5.       Identifies the patterns of events. 6.       Predict the horoscope of the Progeny. This method is a good way to experience the rules I presented in Untold Vedic Astrology. It is also a good way to experience the influence of planets on all of us. Additionally, this book elaborates on the conne