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How to read north Indian style horoscope

In the course of explaining details of astrology it is possible that I may explain few horoscopes and it is useful to understand the basics of reading horoscope. Today we will learn how to read horoscope drawn in north Indian way. Once you learn this, south Indian way is not very difficult.
               A horoscope consists of houses and signs. You may know that there are total 12 signs and there are 12 houses as well. Every planet is posited in one of the 12 signs sign and in one of the 12 houses. The most important sign is ascending sign or an ascendant. This is also called Lagna in Indian astrology.
               In north Indian style, houses in a horoscope are shown at fixed location. Below diagram shows houses in a north Indian horoscope.  So 1 means first house, 2 means second house and so on…

In your horoscope you may see different numbers than above diagram and that is because we have just put number to explain houses and in real horoscope ascendant sign is written in first house. As the houses are fixed in north Indian style they are assumed and not explicitly mentioned but signs are mentioned in each house. For example if ascendant is Sagittarius then 9 will be written in first house and if Lagna is Aries then above horoscope will remain as it is drawn. As there are only 12 signs, 1 to 12, 1 will be written after 12. Below horoscope is a good example and it is of Pisces ascendant.

               You will also see various planets written in various places. Every planet will be in a particular sign and also in a particular house. To begin with you may either count on only signs or just houses. Let’s take a look at below horoscope to learn more about complete horoscope.

Position of planets and various signs and houses for above horoscope is mentioned in below table.
Aries (1)
Moon (Mo)
Mercury (Mer)
Jupiter (Jup)
Venus (Ve)
Aries (1)
Saturn (Sat)
Leo (5)
Rahu (Ra)
Ketu (Ke)


You may notice in the above table that Ascendant does not have any house as is always considered a first house. It may be a good activity to learn about your horoscope similar to above horoscope. In case you have any questions, just get in touch with us at our email address: gaurishb@gmail.com


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