New Book : Vedic Astrology Master Practitioner Manual - Exclusive Excerpts from Various Classical Texts on Advanced Topics





The Purpose


Who Shall Read This Book?


Sample Horoscope


Upagrahas or Nonluminous Planets


Vivshotthari Dhasha


Vargas or Divisional Charts




Gochara or Planetary Transits


Graha Bala or Strength of Planets


Nashta Jathakam or Lost Horoscope and Rectification of Birthtime



We published the first edition of the Vedic Astrology Practitioner Manual in March 2017 and since then 6 editions have already been published. Many readers of the Vedic Astrology Practitioner Manual have reached out to me and enquired about my notes on advanced topics in Vedhic Astrology. Even though I promised them to publish my notes on advanced topics, I couldn’t get them in the format of a book till now due to my schedule and priorities. Finally, I could save some bandwidth for this work and am pleased to share it with all the readers.

There are so many books on the basics of Vedhic Astrology but the books on advanced topics are lesser in number. However, most professional astrologers suggest that the accuracy of the prediction can not be achieved without the study of advanced topics. This is one of the reasons why the students of astrology turn to classical texts. The classical texts are large in the count and most of them follow a similar structure. However, every classical text has some unique content, so the students end up referring to most classical texts. This process is long and time-consuming. I have spent sleepless nights studying many classical texts taking my notes and confirming those principles by applying them regularly.

While making my notes, I referred to many classical texts including Bruhath Parashara Hora Shasththra, Hora Saar, Hora Shathak, Jathak Chandhrika, Jathak Thathwam, Chandhra Kalanadi, Sarvartha Chinthamani, Uttharkalamrutha, Shambhu Hora, Shripathi Paddhathi, Faladheepika, Jathaka Parijatha, and Saravali. I have also validated the translation and updated it according to my learnings. Finally, I have applied most of this knowledge.

In this book, I have covered Nonluminous planets or Upagrahas, Vivshotthari Dhasha, Vargas or Divisional Horoscopes, Graha and Bala or Planetary Strength, Ashtakvarga, Gochara or Transits, and Nashtajathaka or lost horoscopes. It is rare to find a book with a compilation of all these topics. Many authors have written separate books on each topic. However, most of the classical texts deal with all these topics. This just means that the study of these topics is mandatory for prediction.

Before going through these topics, I urge you to study the fundamentals. The strong base will help you to apply these principles confidently and comfortably.

My effort is to author a book that can be referred to by astrologers regularly and in case of doubt. I hope the book serves its purpose and supports every reader.

The Print copy of the book is available on Amazon. The Digital copy of this Book is available on Google Play, Scribd, Apple Books, and Kindle.


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