The mystic meaning of Shree Saraswathi Yanthram

        Recently someone asked me about the scientific meaning of Shree Saraswathi Yanthram and I thought many of you may have same question. Many Hindus have been drawing and praying Shree Saraswathi Yanthram or Shree Saraswathi sign since childhood. Many of you may know that Shree Saraswathi is a goddess of 14 Vidya or sources of knowledge and 64 Kala or art forms. Therefore, she is also a goddess of creation and creativity.
         On another note Shakthi is represented by a triangle in Vedic culture. The real meaning of word Shakthi is skill. You may wonder why a skill is represented by a triangle. A skill is represented by a triangle because a skill requires perfect coordination between Mind, Body & Intellect. The 3 sides of a triangle represent Mind, Body & Intellect.
Let’s learn about Shree Saraswathi Yanthram in this context. Below is a picture of Shree Saraswathi Yanthram.
As you observe the picture closely you may learn that the Yantra has many triangles. In first row you may see just 1 triangle and in second row you may observe 3 triangles, and this continues till 8th row where you may find upto 15 triangles. The sum of this series up to 8th row is 64. These are the number of art forms or kala. On the top of the Yantra, you get to see eyes and heads. Eyes indicate inputs from the sense and heads indicate processing of the inputs. If you know how this Yanthra is drawn, you may realize that this drawing suggests sensing outside world is an input. Such multiple inputs are processed in the brain to develop skills or Shakthi.
You may observe that multiple such triangles also form larger triangles. This indicates multiple smaller and related skills may lead to wider application and evolution of brain.
There is one more occult meaning to this Yanthra. All Indian sciences are formed on one principle and the principle is.
“Yatha Pinde Tatha Brahamande |
Yatha brahamande Tatha Pinde ||”
         This is called ‘Pinda Brahamanda Theory’. This simply means the way it is in Atom that same way it is in universe and the way it is in universe the same way it is in atom. This principle is very similar to the Holographic theory in modern science. The holographic theory states that this world is a 2-dimensional holograph. If we cut any piece of holograph up to certain extent, we get to see entire picture on the holograph.
         Shree Saraswathi Yanthram also represents ‘Pinda Brahamanda Theory’. This is because multiple small triangles are embedded into larger triangles. Similarly, you may see a triangle pointing upwards as well as downwards. Indirectly this is very similar to a holograph so this Yanthra also represents Holographic theory.
         When I learnt about this I was amazed and you might feel the same. I have explained more about Pinda Brahamnda theory or Holographic theory and its relation to Indian culture in my book ‘Eva and Shiva’. If you are practicing any Indian Science like Yoga, Ayurveda or Jyotish then I suggest you read ‘Eva and Shiva’. I also suggest you go through ‘Eva and Shiva’ to understand Hindu culture further.


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