Astrology in Names and can some name be lucky or unlucky!!!

There are various types of Indian astrology. One of them is called Nadi Astrology. Nadi astrology is amazing way of giving life reading. There are various types of Nadis like Bhrugu Nadi or Agastya Nadi. You will find lot of miraculous experiences about Nadi astrology if you google it. One of the interesting facts about Nadi astrology is that sometimes they also tell you about your name or the meaning of your name sometimes just first letter of your name. It’s it amazing.

Few days back I thought of studying people with same name and found few interesting facts worth sharing with you. I started off with my own name first. My name is Gaurish (04-17-1978 4:54 AM Panaji Goa India) and that means husband of goddess Gauri or Parvathi.  Popularity of my name is just 4 per million as compared to any other common name like Anand which is 43 per million (10 times popular).

I have Moon Mars conjunction in Cancer which is a strong indication of Parvati. Me being a male I cannot have name of goddess Parvati and my name is of Shiva but it is as an adjective referring to goddess Parvati or Gauri.

Recently I came across a horoscope of another person whose name is also Gaurish. The native is born on 26 March 1995. In his case Moon is in Capricorn and Mars is opposite to it in Cancer. Interestingly he has a twin brother whose name is Girish. For Girish the Lagna is Taurus but Moon-Mars opposition is common. Girish is the name of lord Shiva again which means the one who owns hills the Himalayas. Goddess Parvati is also called Girija (The one who lives in the hills).

Let’s also look at some other horoscopes of famous people. Mr. Gourish Kaikini was a famous litterateur in Kannada language. He was born on Oct 12 1912. He has Mars and Moon conjunction in Libra!! Interesting isn’t it?

Even though Gaurish is not very popular name in boys, Gauri is very common in girls. The popularity is around 60 in 1 million. So let’s take few examples of Girls named Gauri and study their Horoscopes. Gauri Deshpande is very famous novelist and poet. She was born on February 11 1942. In her horoscope Moon is in the sign of Mars (Scorpio) and aspected by Mars from Aries. Gauri Karnik is Marathi and Hindi film actress. She was born on December 20 1977. She has Moon in Aries and Mars in Cancer and they exchange positions.

Another observation from above horoscopes is that almost all the combinations are in chara rasis or moving signs namely Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

From the examples given above it is evident that there is a clear relation between Name and planetary combinations in horoscope. There are millions of names and it is a daunting task to identify planetary combinations for each name. I started this activity mainly keeping Nadi Astrology in perspective and it seems that even we can predict names of natives after doing enough research.
Even though it is practically impossible to find planetary combinations for all the names we would like to continue our study further for these 2 names Gaurish and Gauri. In case, this is your name or you know someone with this name, please send us birth details to


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