Prosperity and Joy turns 1 today

Last Gudi Padwa, we started Prosperity and Joy. When we started, we had only one thing in our mind and that is to support everyone for prosperous and joyful life. Thanks to all our viewers and readers for their love and support. Thanks to our clients for availing our services. Thank you for giving an opportunity to make a difference in your life.
We thought of covering many aspects of life and we have been fairly successful. When we look back, it is a great feeling of satisfaction and pride. We shared various aspects of Indian culture including traditions and astrology. We also shared various ways to make your life happier including Reiki and NLP. We have been regularly sharing healthy recipes with you. All in all, we share our fun and enjoyment with you.
We also shared some of our time tested products and services with you. Let it be Vedic Astrology course that is starting tomorrow or Vedic Maths course that just got over. We also developed a ‘Good Times’ calendar that many people are using in daily life and happy for choosing it.
In coming days, there is much more for all of you. Recipes will certainly continue and much more is planned. I am working on a book that will be ready in next 2 months. Once that is out, I will be active on the blog and will add more scientific aspects of our culture. You may also find quarterly or half yearly predictions. I am also planning to share my journey of last 25 years in Vedic astrology. Stay tuned! Once again I want to thank you all and let’s strengthen the bond as we continue this relationship. See you soon.


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