Vedic Astrology: Bhava Calculation or Calculation of Cusps

In today’s post, we are continuing the example given for calculation of ascendant in the previous post. The horoscope depends on the two important points. They are the Ascendant and the Meridian Cusp It is known as Madhya Lagna or the cusp of the tenth house. Bhaskaracharya the great astronomer of India has defined it as the point where the meridian of the place cuts the ecliptic.
Formula for the calculation of the tenth house
1.If the birth is after sunrise but before the mid-day then the formula is
[1/2*Duration of the day] - Istakala
2.If the birth is after midnight but before sunrise then the formula is
[1/2*Duration of the day] + [Sunrise - Birth time]
3.If the birth is after midday but before sunset then the formula is
Istakala - [1/2*Duration of the day]
4.If the birth is after Sunset but before midnight then the formula is
[1/2*Duration of the day] + [Birth time - Sunrise]
            The rising period of the sign at the equator is obtained after determining the position of the sayana Sun. The reckoning is done in the reverse order. If the rules (1) or (2) are applicable then deduct the arc from the Sayana longitudes of the Sun else if rule (3) or (4) is applicable add it to the Sun's longitude.
Hong Kong
Ista Kala (A)
Day Duration (B)
1 / 2 Day Duration (C )

(A) - (C )
(Refer rule 3)

(A) - (B) + (C )
(Refer rule 4)

Duration (D)
Sun's Position

Duration of cancer at the equator

Sun’s expired duration in cancer
Reckoning backwards the sun's

Expired in cancer = (E)

Balance (D) - (E )

Less:-Duration of Gemini at the equator


Less:-Duration of Taurus at the equator


Less:-Duration of Aries at the equator



Less:-Duration of Pisces at the equator


Now we cannot deduct the duration of the sign any more. Now we can compute the cusp of the tenth house. It is as follows:
For Pune = {0/35'/18" }*30 / {1/51'/14"}= 9/31'/14"
For Hong Kong = [1/25'/14"}*30/{1/51'/14"}=22/59'/16"
Therefore the difference between the sun and meridian for Pune =79/15'/14"
Similarly the difference between the sun and meridian for Hong Kong = 122/43'/16".
The distance thus obtained can be added to the sun's longitude for Pune and Hong Kong as they fall under the rule (3) and (4).
The addition thus obtained is 178/59'/14" for Pune and 222/27'/16" for Hong Kong. After deducting the Ayanamsa, we get 198/34'/51" i.e.18/34'/51" of Libra for Hong Kong and 5/6'/49" of Virgo for Pune.
Thus the cusp for the tenth house is calculated.

Calculation of the cusps of other houses
            For calculation of the non-angular houses i.e. Houses other than 1st, 4th,7th  and 10th. The trisecting arc between the Ascendant point and meridian cusp is divided by three and the result thus obtained is added to the tenth to find the cusp of the eleventh house. Similarly, the result thus obtained is again added to the cusp of the eleventh house to find the cusp of the twelfth house.
Here is an example

Hong Kong
Difference between the arc and meridian
Dividing the difference by three

Therefore the cusp of the eleventh and the twelfth house are 182/51'/8" and 210/35'/27" for Pune. Similarly, the cusps for Hong Kong are 224/20'/50" and 250/6'/49".
            To get the cusp of the second, third house and the fourth house, add 60, 120 and 180 degrees to the twelfth, eleventh and the tenth cusp respectively. After calculation of the house cusps of the six houses, we can calculate the house cusp of the rest of the houses by adding 180 degrees to each house.
For e.g. the cusp of the seventh house is calculated by adding 180 degrees to the ascendant. To calculate the cusp of the eighth house, add 180 deg. to get the second house.
The bhava sandhi (Junction point) is calculated by addition of the two houses and dividing the addition by two.
For e.g. The junction point of XII th house & I th house is 224/27'/36" [{ 210/35'/27" + 238/19'/46"}/2] similarly the junction point of the first and second houses for Pune is 254/27'/36". Thus the extent of the first house is from 224/27'/36" to 254/27'/36" and its midpoint is 238/19'/46".In this way, the midpoint of each house and the junction point of the houses are calculated.
Exercise: 1) Calculate the house cusp for each house for Pune and Hong Kong.

               2) Calculate the Junction points for each of the houses for Pune and Hong Kong.

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