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Prosperity and Joy Turns 3

        This was a great year for PnJ. On second anniversary, I made an announcement of my book ‘Untold Vedic Astrology’. Untold Vedic astrology was published as per the plan and is getting awesome response all across the globe. PnJ published total three books last year and all of them were very well received by our viewers.
        After ‘Untold Vedic Astrology’, we published ‘Eva and Shiva’ a book that logically explains Indian culture and its correlation to modern theories. Recently we also published ‘Vedic Astrology Practitioner Manual’. This book is a very good handbook for all practicing Vedic astrologers.
        While working with many clients I realized that they feel helpless without astrologer for very basic things. Therefore, I am working on my next book ‘Plan your life with Vedic Astrology’. This book is for everyone. It will help you all in many things. This book may take a while, as simplifying such a complex task is nontrivial. Few more books are in the pipeline and will be published soon.
Another challenge people face is in studying Vedic astrology. This year we will also start few online courses. These courses shall simplify learning Vedic astrology.

I want to thank all of you for your support and encouragement. Let us prosper and enjoy together. Feel free to reach out at gaurishb@gmail.com every time you think I am of any help to you. See you soon.


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