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Eco friendly lantern for Deepawali

        As you know by now one of our focus is to develop eco-friendly lifestyle. For last 3 years we have been making Ganesha idol at home. For so many years we are making eco friendly lantern for Deepawali.
        Few years ago we made lantern from handmade paper. Even the handmade paper was made at home. Last year we made a simple spherical lantern with wire frame.
        This year we thought of making a lantern of ice cream sticks and canvas. This was a very simple rectangular design and it was mainly to show my daughter how simple it is make a lantern.
        We used potato and okra to design stamps. We also bought leaves from the shop to decorate the lantern. You may get an idea of the stamps and other things from below picture.
Lantern in progress
Finally ready for Deepawali


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