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Vedic Math : Primary school arithmetic is live

        Almost 4 months ago we published Vedic Math for 8th class. When I released that book the plan was to publish books for all classes. You may be aware that every book is independent and does not require any prior knowledge of Vedic Math. Even then, it is nice to know the basics really well. Therefore, I decided to first cover primary school arithmetic.
        This book mainly covers simple methods of all 4 arithmetic operations i.e. Addition, Subtraction, multiplication and division. It also covers methods to develop multiplication tables and checking answers.
        The focus of Vedic methods is on mental math. Methods of multiplication and division in Vedic math are special. They are quick and easy. Interestingly one of the methods for multiplication is also applicable to division. Once you learn these methods algebra becomes easier. 
        This book is most appropriate for pupils in 4th or 5th class. First 9 chapters are also helpful to pupils in 1st and 2nd class as well. I do plan to simplify addition, subtraction further in an upcoming book. Upcoming book will be more suitable for visual and kinesthetic learners and it will compliment this book in many different ways.
        I am confident that the kids will enjoy both the books and you may get digital copy of the book on Google Play. You may order the physical copy of the book here. The books is also available on kindle. 


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