BOOK : Untold Vaastu Shastra


The Vastu Shastra is being looked at as a set of rules to be followed while constructing or buying a house. However, it is much more than this. The rules may mean different things in different contexts. If you want to apply the science in different contexts, the principles need to be well understood and applied according to the context. The whole purpose of this book is to explain the building blocks of Vastu Shastra so that they can be appropriately applied in various contexts. However, the book demonstrated the application to residential houses. This is also a handbook for those who want to construct their own house from scratch. It gives A to Z guidance on the construction of a house right from selection of a city and a plot to planning, construction, and developing a garden. It also offers Muhurta for each stage of the construction and remedies to blemishes in the already constructed house or an apartment.

This book also has some interesting topics like mentioned below:
1. Finding underground water resources,
2. Finding a compatible city, place, and apartment, most prospering areas in your city
3. Muhurtha or good times for every phase of construction
4. How to perform daily Pooja
5. Simple remedies for Vaastu blemishes without any changes in the house.
6. Blemishes in the house based on Horarry Chart.

I am confident that you will learn many new things and enjoy the subject much more than before. Your understanding will be much more and confidence will also be higher than before. You will be able to easily correlate the events with the design of Vaastu.

The paperback of the book is available on Instamojo and Amazon India and digital copies are available on all popular platforms like Kindle, Google Play Books, and Scribd. 


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