How planets affect us?

Before going to an Astrologer it is very important to understand what a Horoscope is. Understanding it will help us learn about predictions much better.
You can look at Horoscope as a map of the sky at the time of birth with reference to the birth place of a native. Let me elaborate this a little bit astronomically. When yourself around you, you will complete 360 degrees in one rotation. The same is true when any planet including earth. This circle of 360 degrees is divided into 12 parts and considered as sign. The sign is again a group of stars. As the stars are fixed and planets are moving we see different planets into different signs. Planets seen in a sign at the time of birth are marked into the horoscope.  The sign rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth is considered as ascendant.
                Let’s feel the importance of a horoscope for every individual. Horoscope is planetary position at the time of birth. When you hear this next question is how does it matter to me? To explain this let me refer to ancient Indian philosophy and the principle of karma or deeds.
                Ancient Indian philosophy has divided actions of any individual into 3 parts based on time reference. They are called Sanchit (Actions in the past) Kriyamana(Actions in the present)  and Prarabdha (Actions in the future). The principle of Karma Vipaka says that whatever you are today is because of your deeds in the past (this includes actions in current life and in past lives as well). Being human and one of the most intelligent species on the earth you have choice of deciding your current deeds and so to influence your future. Horoscope is just an indication of your past deeds and it’s influence on your life.
                I have seen many people including my family who say that something happened in my life because of this planet (Usually Saturn and Mars popular :)) and so on. I would like you to learn that planets are just indicators and not the cause and so you have all the freedom to build your own future. In fact horoscope can be very helpful guide in this process.
One of the most important thing in the process of building your future is to take the ownership of your actions and plan the future.
Based on Hindu philosophy, only humans have this ability to drive their future because of the gifted intelligence.


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