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Creative Math Program

Math can be interesting if played, acted or crafted. It shall be taught in such manner to kids so that they can enjoy it. Even though math is created by humans it is everywhere around us and if we feel it then it can be a part of our daily life. This book follows similar method to teach basic math. It teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a fun way through acting, drawing and craft that all of us can enjoy. You may call 08087000955 or send an email to gaurishb@gmail.com.

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General Counselling
There are times in our life where we think we need some direction to take a big step or a major decision. Better way to take take a decision is to peek into future and make the call. We generally look around us for guidance. Sometimes we find people who may help us and sometimes we need additional support. Vedic astrology is one such thing that helps you to peek into future and take the decision.
Just knowing about future may not be enough and we want to build our own future. Traditional and modern remedies are for our help to build the future. 
This service is for those is want to make a difference in their future by learning from their past and knowing their future. This offering includes answers up to two specific questions. You may send your date, time and place of birth along with your two questions. You will get a call from me to know more about your questions. This call is generally for 15 minutes. After this, I will analyze the horoscope and give you another call with in a week. This call is to answer the questions and may continue up to 45 minutes.
        The price of this service for Indian residents is Rs. 1000 and for non Indian residents is $40. Indian residents shall pay the fees here.
Before connecting with me I suggest you to read my blog post. 
How planets affect us?

Pre-marriage Counselling
        When we identify our life partner we wonder if the person chosen is a match or not. One of the very basic questions in how to decide if the relationship will be successful or not. How to identify right person for relationship.
        Many times people go by looks or sometimes they are cheated. Few times the person turns out very different than anticipated. Even there are times when bride and groom are good but they just don't gel well. Astrology may help to avoid all such situations.
        Astrology may help to us identify nature of an individual, weather he or she is a match or not and if the relationship will be successful or not.
        This service is divided into 3 sessions. First session is to understand the basics of relationships as per your horoscope. Second session is to identify your needs or understanding if those needs are fulfilled by identified partner or not. The final session is to confirm that the relationship will be successful or not.
        The price of this service for Indian residents is Rs. 1500 and non Indian residents is $60.
Building future of kids
        Now days we start preparing our kids for future as early as possible. As we all know, earlier they start better it is for the kids. Generally we try many different options till one of them clicks for them. This is a longer and time consuming process. To avoid this some people prefer psychometric tests. Success of psychometric tests is totally dependent on what the kid answers and it may not be accurate.
        One of the most accurate methods is to analyse horoscope and groom the kids as per the future identified by the horoscope. This is effective as lesser time is wasted in identifying  appropriate career and more time is invested in right area. This is also helpful for teenagers.
        This service is of 1 session. The session is mainly to discuss how the kid is behaving and the nature of the kid as per horoscope. In this session we may also discuss about the short term and long term plan for the kid.
        The price of this service for Indian residents is Rs. 1000 and non Indian residents is $40. Indian residents shall pay the fees here.
Vaastu Counselling
        Vaastu counselling is for the people who are about to buy or rent the land or a house. Every Vaastu has advantages and limitations unless it is 100%  as per guidance. Now days most of us buy a ready house and it may not be 100% Vaastu complaint. In such cases it is important to identify which requirements needs to be fulfilled and accordingly which Vaastu rules shall be met and which can be adjusted.
        This service is of 1 session. The session is mainly to discuss your priorities and what rules shall be followed. In this sessions we may discuss advantages and limitations of up to 3 shortlisted houses and see which house fits the best for your needs. The price of this service for Indian residents is Rs. 1000 and non Indian residents is $40. Indian residents shall pay the fees here.

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