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1. Vedic Astrology Master Practitioner Manual - Exclusive Excerpts from Various Classical Texts on Advanced Topics

We published the first edition of the Vedic Astrology Practitioner Manual in March 2017 and since then 6 editions have already been published. Many readers of the Vedic Astrology Practitioner Manual have reached out to me and enquired about my notes on advanced topics in Vedhic Astrology. Even though I promised them to publish my notes on advanced topics, I couldn’t get them in the format of a book till now due to my schedule and priorities. Finally, I could save some bandwidth for this work and am pleased to share it with all the readers.

There are so many books on the basics of Vedhic Astrology but the books on advanced topics are lesser in number. However, most professional astrologers suggest that the accuracy of the prediction can not be achieved without the study of advanced topics. This is one of the reasons why the students of astrology turn to classical texts. The classical texts are large in the count and most of them follow a similar structure. However, every classical text has some unique content, so the students end up referring to most classical texts. This process is long and time-consuming. I have spent sleepless nights studying many classical texts taking my notes and confirming those principles by applying them regularly.

While making my notes, I referred to many classical texts including Bruhath Parashara Hora ShasththraHora Saar, Hora Shathak, Jathak Chandhrika, Jathak Thathwam, Chandhra Kalanadi, Sarvartha Chinthamani, Uttharkalamrutha, Shambhu Hora, Shripathi Paddhathi, Faladheepika, Jathaka Parijatha, and Saravali. I have also validated the translation and updated it according to my learnings. Finally, I have applied most of this knowledge.

In this book, I have covered Nonluminous planets or Upagrahas, Vivshotthari Dhasha, Vargas or Divisional Horoscopes, Graha and Bala or Planetary Strength, Ashtakvarga, Gochara or Transits, and Nashtajathaka or lost horoscopes. It is rare to find a book with a compilation of all these topics. Many authors have written separate books on each topic. However, most of the classical texts deal with all these topics. This just means that the study of these topics is mandatory for prediction.

Before going through these topics, I urge you to study the fundamentals. The strong base will help you to apply these principles confidently and comfortably.

My effort is to author a book that can be referred to by astrologers regularly and in case of doubt. I hope the book serves its purpose and supports every reader.

The Print copy of the book is available on Amazon. The Digital copy of this Book is available on Google Play, Scribd, Apple Books, and Kindle.

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2. Untold Planetary Transits - Simple Way to Accurately Predict Timing of Events

    The timing of events is a hard nut to crack. The Dashas are widely used in Vedic Astrology. However, Dashas have their advantages and limitations. Some people have their set of rules to time the event. I have been using the Dashas and Transits in combination to predict the timing of events. The way I apply transit has many advantages. This book is a small compilation of the method I follow to predict the timing of events. Here are some of the advantages of the method.

1.      Identifies important milestones in life.

2.      Predicts the timing of an event with fair accuracy.

3.      Applies Transits to Divisional Horoscopes.

4.      Identifies eventful phases in life.

5.      Identifies the patterns of events.

6.      Predict the horoscope of the Progeny.

    This method is a good way to experience the rules I presented in Untold Vedic Astrology. It is also a good way to experience the influence of planets on all of us.

    Additionally, this book elaborates on the connection between childhood and the impact of childhood on the life of an individual. It also explains the link between the transits and the development of the human body and mind. It covers various aspects of life right from education, career, marriage, progeny, and travel to health and death. I am confident that you would enjoy the book and learn much more as you read it.

The print copy is available on Amazon. The digital copy of the book is available hereThe book will be also available on Kindle, Scribd, and iStore.

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3. Untold Nakshatra Jyotish - Your guide for a prosperous and joyful lifestyle

        This book is your everyday friend philosopher and guide. First, it explains the 7 principles of joyful living. Then it explains how Vedas is an integrated science. Finally, it helps you with daily astrological guidance. This includes Muhurta, compatibility with friends and partners, and beneficial and not-so-beneficial planetary positions. It also offers various remedial measures for each Nakshatra.

Every Nakshatra has a deity and a symbol. Various stories are associated with each deity. The book explains the hidden meaning of each story. The book also explains the hidden meaning of the symbol of Nakshatra. We have given original references from Vedas for various Vedic stories to maintain their originality.

Every Indian festival is based on Nakshatra. You may wonder why a festival is on a particular day. This book answers the question. It also explains how you can take advantage of every Indian festival for your prosperity.

The nature of a person born in each Nakshatra is explained along with the rulership of each Nakshatra of various material items. Even here original references from classical texts have been provided. Every Nakshatra has an allocated tree. We have given the Ayurvedic medicinal properties of a tree for each Nakshatra. Nowadays many of you are interested in Astronomy and stargazing. I have given astronomical information about each Nakshatra. This may help you while observing the sky.

This is a holistic guide to Nakshatra-based astrology. It can also be used as a reference for everyday activities. It shall enhance your understanding of your own personality and help you to live a prosperous and joyful life.

You may buy your digital copy here at a discounted price or on Amazon. The print copy is available hereThe book is also available on Kindle, Scribd, and iStore.

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4. Untold Vedic Astrology - Logical exploration of key principles in Vedic astrology

        Vedic Astrology is an advanced science. It is based on many principles in quantum physics. This book connects common ideas between quantum physics and Vedic Astrology. This will help astrologers to understand key principles better and help them apply those with confidence.

The book connects Vedic astrology with
1.      Triune brain theory
2.      Multiple intelligence theory
3.      Quantum physics
4.      Fetus development
5.      Body clock
6.      Modern astronomy
It also explains
1.      Important principles for analysis
2.      Building blocks of Vedic astrology
3.      How the significations of houses and signs were decided
4.      9 various states of planets
5.      Planetary war, conjunction, and association of planets
6.      How to analyze Rahu and Kethu
And much more

Buy a paperback copy here at a discounted price (or on Amazon) and the digital copy is available hereThe book is also available on Kindle, Scribd, and iStore.

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5. Vedic Astrology Practitioner Manual
        As a student of Vedhic astrology, one of the challenges I faced was studying classical texts. We have so many texts and every text has some exceptional content. Most of the translators did not get a chance to validate the principles mentioned in the texts and due to this; the accuracy of the translation was reduced. Due to all the reasons mentioned above, I started noting my own observations while studying various classical texts. Over the period, I also felt that novice students of astrology could progress faster if they get validated knowledge. This is also good for the development of Vedhic astrology. Therefore, I decided to publish my notes from various classical texts as a manual. This is a good reference book for novice students of Vedhic astrology. 

Buy a paperback copy here (or on Amazon) and a digital copy is available hereThe book is also available on Kindle, Scribd, and iStore.

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6. Untold Vaastu Shastra

The Vastu Shastra is being looked at as a set of rules to be followed while constructing or buying a house. However, it is much more than this. The rules may mean different things in different contexts. If you want to apply science in different contexts, the principles need to be well understood and applied according to the context. The whole purpose of this book is to explain the building blocks of Vastu Shastra so that they can be appropriately applied in various contexts. However, the book demonstrated the application to residential houses. This is also a handbook for those who want to construct their own house from scratch. It gives A to Z guidance on the construction of a house right from the selection of a city and a plot to the planning, construction, and development of a garden. It also offers Muhurta for each stage of the construction and remedies to blemishes in the already constructed house or apartment.

This book also has some interesting topics mentioned below:
1. Finding underground water resources,
2. Finding a compatible city, place, and apartment in, the most prospering areas in your city
3. Muhurtha or good times for every phase of construction
4. How to perform daily Pooja
5. Simple remedies for Vaastu blemishes without any changes in the house.
6. Blemishes in the house based on Horarry Chart.

I am confident that you will learn many new things and enjoy the subject much more than before. Your understanding will be and your confidence will also be higher than before. You will be able to easily correlate the events with the design of Vaastu.

Buy a paperback copy here at a discounted price or on Amazon. The digital document is available hereThe book is also available on Kindle, Scribd, and iStore.

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7. Untold Vedic Culture (Eva and Shiva)

        Indian culture is one of the most ancient cultures in the world. Even though it is ancient, it is full of modern scientific ideas. This covers many ideas right from cosmology to personality and the brain. It is also interesting to know how ancient Indians developed life sciences that are so accurate and applicable even today. This book touches on many more discoveries from Indian culture and explains the scientific basis behind them.

This book covers knowledge of Indians about
Solar system
Evolution of life on earth

It also explains
Indian method of developing life sciences
Applications of Indian sciences in Indian culture
Indian typology for evolution
The Indian concept of god
So-called idol worship and its purpose
Diversity and its purpose
Personal evolution and much more

Buy a paperback copy here at a discounted price (or on Amazon) and the digital copy is available hereThe book is also available on Kindle, Scribd, and iStore.

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8. Vedic Math - Mental Math for Everyone

          This book mainly covers simple methods of all 4 arithmetic operations i.e. Addition, Subtraction, multiplication, and division. It also covers methods to develop multiplication tables and check answers.

        The focus of Vedic methods is on mental math. Methods of multiplication and division in Vedic math are special. They are quick and easy. Interestingly one of the methods for multiplication is also applicable to division. Once you learn these methods algebra becomes easier. 
        This book is most appropriate for pupils in the 4th or 5th class. First, 9 chapters are also helpful to pupils in the 1st and 2nd classes. I do plan to simplify addition, and subtraction further in an upcoming book. The upcoming book will be more suitable for visual and kinesthetic learners and it will complement this book in many different ways.
        I am confident that the kids will enjoy both books and you may get a digital copy of the book on Google Play. The book is also available on Kindle, Scribd, and iStore.

9. Vedic Math for 8th

    Vedic Maths is a simple and easy way of mathematics. It is mental and therefore 2 to 5 times faster than conventional methods. It is also very helpful in competitive exams. Vedic math has only 16 main formulae and these formulae cover most of the methods. Therefore, the methods are repeatable and easy to understand. Vedic math is also helpful for quickly checking answers. It was invented by Shankaracharya Shree Bharathi Krushna Teerthaji Maharaj. This book is the first in its series. It is an attempt to structure Vedic Math as per the school curriculum. I am confident that you are enjoying Vedic math and the book.

Buy a digital copy hereThe book is also available on Kindle, Scribd, and iStore.

10. Simplified Vedic Math

Math is a tricky subject and if we learn the tricks it becomes quicker. Vedic Math has many such tricks for mental math. After writing a thorough book on Vedic Math Arithmetic I received feedback from many that they also want a quick recipe book and I decided to author this book for everyone. This book will help you learn a few easy and simple tricks quickly.

Buy a paperback copy here on Amazon.

11. Vedic and Creative Maths for Class 7

Vedic Maths is very effective in arithmetic and algebra. However, it doesn't cover much geometry. Learning geometry through art and craft is a very good way to understand geometry and retain the knowledge for a longer time. Therefore to author a book on the school curriculum we combined Vedic Math and Creative Math.

Buy a paperback copy here on Amazon and a digital copy is available hereThe book is also available on Kindle, Scribd, and iStore.

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