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1. Simplified Vedic Astrology Level 1 Program


    Many of us have the interest to peek into the future and also want to help others by telling them about their future. Some of us have already started learning and are unsure of the path. Here is the program that will guide you throughout your journey of Vedic Astrology.

Objectives of the Program

  1. Understand key principles of Vedic astrology
  2. Methodically dissect the horoscope
  3. Learn quick and easy methods to read horoscope
  4. Learn subjective and objective aspects of a horoscope
  5. Predict with high accuracy and confidence

The program has 3 important dimensions.

It teaches the relation of Vedic and modern psychology to Vedic Astrology. It also connects modern astronomy to Vedic astrology.

The second dimension is a project that starts from day 1 of the program. You are going to present your project work. You are going to apply principles of Vedic astrology to the lives of people.

The Third dimension is the astronomical aspects of Astrology.  

    This course has 100 sessions of 1.2 hours each. It will be conducted over weekends, 2 sessions a week. The total duration of the course is 12 months. The course fees for the course are Rs. 25000 for Indian students and Rs. 50000 for global students. The course is suitable for everybody who wants to be an astrologer. The medium is English or Marathi. 
This program starts twice every year.

The course starts twice a year, on the Gudipadwa or Hindu new year day and on the Deepavali Padwa day.
High-Level Course Contents

  • Key principles of Vedic astrology.
  • Purusharthas and their Purpose. Modern Personality theories.
  • How Bhava karakatwa was Identified. Various theories of Bhava karakatwa.
  • Bhavachalit kundali. What are the purpose and advantages?
  • How Rashi karaktwas were Identified. Various theories of Rashi karaktwas.
  • How graha karaktwas were Identified. Relationships of Graha and Rashi.
  • Learning the results of yoga in a particular horoscope.
  • Identifying the focus of the horoscope.
  • Nakshatras and their karaktwas.
  • Analysis of Bhavas. Key principles of accurate predictions.
  • Muhurtha for various events.
  • Gochara in the prediction of events.
  • Matching horoscopes for marriage compatibility.
  • Basic remedies for un resourceful transits.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us on 7719926102 or email at gaurishb@gmail.com.

2. Fundamentals of Vaastu Shastra for Residential Houses 

Objectives of the Program

  Understand key principles of Vasthu Shastra

  Methodically dissect the Vasthu

  Design a Prosperous Vasthu

  Learn quick and easy methods to identify the challenges in the Vasthu

  Identify accurate remedies and resolutions for the challenges

This program explains the fundamental principles of Vastu Shastra and demonstrates its application to residential houses. It is a practical program and you will have activities to perform regularly.

 This program has 24 sessions of 1.2 hours each. It will be conducted over weekends/evenings IST, 2 sessions a week. The total duration of the course is 3 months. The course fees for the course are Rs. 12000 for Indian students and Rs. 24000 for global students. The course is suitable for everybody who wants to conduct Vastu analysis and provide remedies for improvement. The medium is English or Marathi. This program starts every quarter.  

    3. Free Program on Basics of Vedic Astrology (Calculations for Drawing a Chart)
        This free program offers a basic understanding of Vedic Astrology. It also explains the calculations of drawing a chart. Even though we use software for drawing software today some people are interested in learning the calculations and it helps in better understanding. Therefore I have given them here for the inquisitive minds. I encourage all the students of astrology to go through this Program.


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