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Applications of Reiki in everyday life

       Evolution seems to be an eternal law and as a part of evolution, people have been trying to solve problems by their own ways. It’s important to recognize and validate these attempts to learn and evolve further. Rejecting anything outright is an injustice to the effort and also to the person who put that effort.
I have been finding ways to solve various problems that I came across by drugless way and I came across Reiki almost 7 years back. I first heard and then also saw its effects. I was wondering how it can be useful for me. Before we had a baby, I thought this can be worth evaluating and I did a first and second degree course.
The concept of Reiki is very simple. Reiki means universal energy and this energy is used for healing through human body. While doing the course I could experience the energy myself and realized that this is certainly going to be helpful.
After having a baby Reiki turned out to be a very handy. The biggest challenge that we face with infants is that they can’t tell anything. Reiki helped us many times when our daughter was unwell. Many a times she used to cry due to fever or gastric pain and giving Reiki has helped almost every time. We observed that our daughter used to sleep immediately after Reiki during fever and her gases used to get released instantaneously. I applied Reiki to my family members many times and it gave amazing results.
Reiki can help in identifying injured, defective or deceased organs along with healing. Once I had a client with some ailments and I scanned his body. While scanning his body I sensed that the there is some issue in the left knee and I told him to meet the doctor. He told me that he had met an accident when he was young. It’s not left but the right knee that got injured. I told him to meet the doctor and do necessary check-up of left knee. After meeting the doctor and doing additional tests doctor confirmed that there is a considerable damage to the left knee and prescribed necessary medicines.
While using any technique or methodology it is very important to learn downsides of it. Based on my experience, Reiki is an elimination therapy than a subsiding therapy, secondly it has instantaneous results. Due to these 2 advantages, it is important to be careful while applying as it can be sometimes hard on the patient. I can give you couple of examples to elaborate more. One day I had hiccups and it was continuous for almost 4 hours. We tried many home remedies without any success. Finally I decided to apply Reiki instead of visiting a doctor. While taking Reiki I experienced some pain in the stomach and that resulted in a burp and hiccups totally stopped after the burp. This was also true in one of my relative’s case. He was feeling very uncomfortable due to acidity and pain in the stomach. We were at a remote place without any access to medicines. I gave him the Reiki healing and that resulted into vomiting. He felt good immediately after the puke. I also have few clients who could not tolerate the Reiki energy and requested to stop the process but after the process they felt really good. Till now I haven’t seen anyone being harmed due to Reiki.
The other good application of Reiki is protective healing. This is a useful as well. You can protect an individual, an asset or almost anything. Protection is quite useful for kids during the climatic changes and it is also useful for old people for regular weather changes. Reiki is also good to relax the body. The Reiki message is very relaxing and soothing. Overall it is a very powerful technique for healing and protection and a great value add in drugless therapies. I would strongly encourage you to be under doctor’s supervision before and during any drugless therapy.


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