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Vedic Maths – Learn arithmetic and get algebra

I came across Vedic maths long ago in school and I was fascinated. Most of the books on Vedic maths focus so much on arithmetic that many people think that Vedic maths is not very useful in the age of calculators and computers. As we grow, our connection with any fundamental science reduces so much that we may only appreciate applied sciences and this is unfortunate for the development of fundamental sciences and we as humans.
Even people who debate about Vedicness of these techniques, accept that these techniques reduce computation time for any human and weather you call it as Vedic or anything else it’s usefulness is not debatable. The point that I am going to focus today is how the simple multiplication technique in Vedic maths also explains algebraic formulae.
To understand this better let me explain you a Vedic maths method to find a square of any number. Let’s take an example of 47 to understand the method. The method says square the second digit, then multiply the first and second digit and double it then square the first digit and sum it up considering units, tens and hundreds places. This is also explained in the calculation shown. It’s important how you sum it up and below demonstration will explain the same.

Now just compare above arithmetic equation with algebraic equation below and find similarity between both of them. J

        I am not sure if anyone has presented the Vedic maths technique that way I am presenting here and at least I have not seen it before. It’s always important to understand fundamentals behind any technique to differentiate between a trick and a concept. This is certainly a concept based on algebra and it is also applied to multiplication in Vedic maths but in a simplistic way.
The best part of multiplication in Vedic maths is that; no matter how many digits you have in numbers you are multiplying, the multiplication does not take more than 2 or maximum 3 rows. Now let’s see algebraic equation of multiplication and I will let you apply it in arithmetic.

Considering above formula, you may try multiplying 39 with 67 and I have provided the answer below for you. There are many more concepts in Vedic maths that help mainly in algebra and arithmetic and in many more topics mostly covering high school and little bit of calculus. Based on my experience I would certainly urge you to learn more about Vedic maths and also teach your kids Let me know if you need help in teaching.

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