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Good Times 2015

        Did you ever wanted to know if a particular day is a good day for starting anything new as you wanted to be successful? Did you realize that it is not possible to every time get auspicious dates from as astrologer? Did wonder if there is any calendar handy?
        We have a 2015 calendar that comes handy and can tell you good times that can be used to start anything new or buy anything along with its positive effect.
        This calendar is always with you as it is in the format of Google Calendar and is available on a PC, Smart phone and tablet. Here are screen shots of the calendar on PC, Phone &Tablet. We have this calendar ready for all the time zones. Just below this post we have also provided actual calendar. Goto 1st Jan 2015 to see more details.



Smart Phone

        We are offering Good Times 2015 just for Rs. 400 in Asia or $18  outside Asia and this is saving many of your visits to astrologer and much more money for the whole year

You may also try it for 3 months now. The price for 3 months is $5 or Rs 150.   

First of all, thank you for your overwhelming response.  
Many people have also asked me how can they use this calendar in daily life.

Here are some of the opportunities where it can be helpful:
1. Buy new clothes
2. Wear new clothes
3. Start a new venture
4. Buy new home appliances
5. Start using new home appliances
6. Sign / renew a contract 
7. Buy gold / home / car
8. Do a pooja / offer prayers
9. Renovate house
10. Invest in long term /short term
11. Enter into new house
12. New year resolutions
13. Start learning new skill
14. Change habits

In short it can be used for almost anything and everything where you want some help from cosmic energies.

Send your order to gaurishb@gmail.com right now!!!


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