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Organic Terrace Vegetable Garden for your daily needs

We have been working on a terrace garden for a while now. Most of the efforts to grow the garden are of my wife. We came up with an idea to have all essential vegetables in our terrace and we started working on it. Last time I had put pictures of cherry tomatoes from our terrace garden. After that we started working on essentials and now we have most of it.

We have curry leaves, mint, lemon grass, coriander, chilies and ginger. We also have eggplant and arum in addition. The best part is they are organic and readily available when we need. They keep environment green and fresh. Most of them are equivalent to any decorative plant. This includes lemon grass, chilies, mint and ginger. Below pictures shall make it clear to you.

In japan many people grow rice in terraces and if not rice we shall at least grow vegetables. I encourage all of you to build your own terrace vegetable garden as per your likes and wishes. Kindly make sure it is organic. Growing plants teach us patience and makes us feel the pain farmers are going through due to various challenges. Please don’t grow lawns. Lawns are total waste of water so grow vegetables, fruits and trees.


  1. http://www.prosperitynjoy.com/2014/12/cherry-tomatoes-in-our-home-garden.html


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