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OM mantra chant, the Sound of universe and Ganapati atharvashirsha

        Ganapatiatharvashirsha is about lord Ganesh. It is a part of Atharveveda. Time frame of Atharvaveda is around 1500BC to 500 BC. Gana means group and esha means lord. Ganesh means lord of groups. There are various groups mentioned in Ganapatiatharvashirsha that are owned by lord Ganesh. The groups include ‘Tridevas’ (Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh), ‘Panchamahabhutas’, expressions of self (Ananda, Bramha(Sat), Chit), Shakti (creation, prevention and destruction), Kala(past, present, future), Guna (Satwa, raja, tama), directions, deha, Varnas (letters), speech, and so on. Om is also a representation of lord Ganesh. Om is a verbal representation of the god. It is ‘Sagun’ (with qualities) but Nirakar (formless) representation of god.
        NASA released audio form of sound of universe few years back. Plasma waves were converted into human audible waves. You may hear these sounds here.
        If you know the sound of OM, you might realize that the sound of universe is very similar to sound of the OM. This is very clearly mentioned in Ganapati Atharvashirsha as follows.
Twam Brahmastvam, Twam Vishnustvam Rudrastvam Indrastvam Agnistvam
Vayastvam Suryastvam Chandramastvam Brahma bhur bhurva swar OM || 6 ||
Meaning: You are Brahma, you are Vishnu, you are Rudra, you are Indra, You are Agni, you are Vayu, you are Surya, you are Chandrama, You are swara (sound) of brahma(universe), Bhu (earth), Bhuvah(space) that is the OM.

        It is astonishing to know that our seers were able to listen to sounds of earth, space and even universe. I wonder what and how much they knew about the universe. They might have created mantras with the help of their knowledge of these sounds of universe. This is just one more reason to respect and follow our culture and ancestors.
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