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Goodness of Savskruth (Sanskrit)

        Recently I started teaching English to my daughter and realized that it is so much difficult for kids to learn English. I am sure you might have faced this if you are an Indian and have made an attempt. First, most of the Indian languages are purely phonetic. What this means is, a particular letter sounds same everywhere or no two letters sound the same. For example, letter k or ‘Ka’ is Ka has unique sound and no other letter sounds like Ka. Similarly, no two words sound the same like English. For example ‘here’ and ‘hear’. English also has two or more sounds for same letter. For example in ‘cat’ c is pronounced as ‘K’ but in ‘cute’ is pronounced as ‘Ky’  and cinema it is pronounced as ‘S’.
There is more confusion in English due to silent letters. Some of the letters as ‘R’ is silent in some places and vocal in some other places. This is true with ‘U’ and many other letters.
        As there are no rules for spelling, Americans tried to modify spellings to match to sounds for example Americans changes ‘Colour’ to ‘Color’, but this is not possible for every word. As it is impossible to match sound and letters in all cases, this added to further confusion. For example, ‘Hut’ is pronounced as ‘ht’ but there is no vowel in this word and if we add ‘a’ it becomes ‘hat’ which is another word. In reality, English cannot become 100% phonetic language.
        You might observe similar characteristics in Indian dialects. Even in Indian dialects, it is common to have silent letters and it is also common to change sound of a letter but it is not as common in Indian languages as they are child of Savskruth. Considering this, sometimes I doubt if English was first a dialect and it naturally became a language without much thought and effort.
When Indian kids start learning English, it becomes very challenging for them to learn a language that does not follow rules as they have already learnt a language that is more structured. Even otherwise, when any kid learns a language, if the language does not follow rules it becomes a big challenge for him or her.
In Savskruth, sounds exactly match with their spellings. Savskruth is a most structured phonetic language. It has least number of rules and it follows most of them. Amount of literature in Savskruth is very high as compared to other language even today. That is how it is also most computer friendly language. Anything that is perfect or near perfect is dear to God and so Savskruth is called also God’s language. There are many more benefits of learning Savskruth.
Considering these aspects, even schools in London teach Sanskrit for quite some time now. St James school in London teaches Sanskrit as they understand it’s benefits and there are few more schools in Britain following them.
        Good news is people in London have realized the shortcomings of their native language and want to simplify learning new language even when most of the world uses their native language. Now it is also our time to realize that, start learning our own language, and tell the world its benefits on development of brain.
Are you willing to add a language for evolution of your kids? If so, let me know how I can help.


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