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Eco-friendly Deepawali lantern with homemade handmade paper and cotton strings

        During Ganesh festival, we had prepared eco-friendly Ganesh idol. Lather I published few details of our terrace Garden. Today I am publishing details of deepawali lantern.
        Few days back we prepared handmade paper at home using ecofriendly colors. We mainly used newspaper to make it. It was an exciting and successful project.

          Recently we decided to make deepawali lantern using handmade paper that we created at home. It is even more successful and fun project. My daughter enjoyed the project.
        We also prepared few greetings from our handmade paper like below.
         Another interesting project we completed at home was string lantern. Even string lantern is quite a lot of fun. We are also using it as another deepawali lantern.
         Rather than buying Chinese lanterns or any other lantern from the market. This shall be a very good vacation project for you or your kids. 
         Let's save environment, let's save earth and finally let's evolve with every festival and celebration.
         You may reach out to me, as you need more information. gaurishb@gmail.com.


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